On the Indian summer in Rostov bloomed lilac

Rostovite Svetlana MOSOYAN surprised - and where lilacs blooming in October

The locals did not believe my eyes!
In October district of Rostov on the street Debaltsevskoy bloomed lilac. Directly opposite the home ownership number 3. On the street — October, the temperature of plus 8, and it — in full bloom.
— We've seen — not believe — says a local resident, a housewife Svetlana Mosoyan. — And then so happy. Can not breathe. Close your eyes — and like spring outside.

On the "Indian summer" in Rostov bloomed lilac

Lilac bushes against the gray house maloprimetny. But if one of the passers-notes, the eye can not take his. Miracle of nature! True, the flowers too small. But this smell lilacs.

On the "Indian summer" in Rostov bloomed lilac
— It really is a miracle of nature, — the deputy director for research at the University Botanical Garden Southern Federal Tatiana Rudnev. — Lilac rarely blooms in October. This stems from the fact that she has blossomed, served warm long rains in September.

On the "Indian summer" in Rostov bloomed lilac

Also last week in Rostov was up +25. Plant "deceived", feeling the heat. And the flowers are small — because the daylight hours in October, short and lack of solar energy. In general, it is certainly an anomaly …

Elena Semibratova

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