Oppositionists held at the border

Yesterday, November 4, the night at the railway station in Grodno two o'clock detained activists BSDG Vladimir Khilmanovich and Victor Sazonov, who returned from Poland.

According to Vladimir Khilmanovich, treated them fairly, politely but was forced to fill in the declaration, although the territory of Belarus, they did not import anything that requires the declaration.

Employees of customs and border officials have not explained to them the reasons for such a long detention, although the rest of the passengers are checked in a few minutes.

Vladimir Khilmanovich believes that such actions of customs and border services directly related to the Election Campaign, in which they both take an active part as observers.

He also recalled that a similar attitude to the opposition leaders always takes place on the border during major political events in the country. Vladimir Khilmanovich recalls that there have always been so-called lists of the opposition, and it is obvious that the time has come when they started to tap into.


limit, the Sazonov, Khilmanovich

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