Or failed Pravalski?

November 8 — the last day of checking the quality of the signatures collected in support of its potential candidates for the president. This work is done by district and municipal electoral commissions. However, the final results of the tests will be known only after five days.

By law, the applicant must collect 100,000 signatures quality. Do not be such a number, it means there will be no official registration. And the reason for culling signatures electoral law provides for a dozen. For example, the subscriber is not a citizen of Belarus, while living in the country. Subscriber or not yet 18 years old, even if this date is missing just one day.

To check the sheets with the signatures of 11 candidates passed. Evening of November 5, taking advantage of the presence at the meeting of the Central Election Commission, I asked Lidiya Yarmoshyna, how the verification of signature sheets?

"From each candidate, with the exception of Mr. Pravalski, dropped out a number of signature sheets. This is — or photocopies, or do not put on those areas where the signatures collected. Means that every candidate has lost somewhere in the thousands. Nevertheless, while each of them is more than 100,000 signatures. Besides Mr. Pravalski. According to the territorial commission, it is only about 700 signatures. And the rest of it — a copy of the 700. "

each of them is more than 100,000 signatures

Vladimir Pravalski, I talked to November 6, said that only media knows that its subscription lists only about 700 original signatures, and everything else is a photocopy of the signatures. And no official documents of the Central Election Commission in this regard, he has not received, — says Vladimir Pravalski:

"The statements Yarmoshina I have not. Yesterday, I personally visited the Central Election Commission. Took there all the remaining documents to officially register me as a candidate for the presidency: a biography, a declaration of property — and their wives, gave written consent to run for president … I took them CEC officials. And they told me absolutely nothing about the sign said no. At their faces I saw a very friendly attitude towards me. "

they told me absolutely nothing about the sign did not say

Vladimir Pravalski says his initiative group has handed over to the regional commissions 109338 signatures.

What is known about the quality of delivered signatures presidential candidate? With this question, I turned to Paul Sevyarinets — head of election headquarters Vital Rymasheuski. Interlocutor chosen by chance. It was the team of Mr. Rymasheusky submitted for review to the electoral commission least amount of signatures — 105318. Therefore, it is a matter of the most painful.

Seviarynets says that data until it has mainly from major cities:

rejected from a few to a few dozen signatures

"There is rejected from a few to a few dozen signatures. In the Leninsky district of Mogilev Commission rejected 16 of 3,300 signatures. Railway Commission in Vitebsk — a few signatures. Also in Zhodino. But along with these optimistic results of the test in the commissions, there are facts of pressure on those people, who signed up for Rymasheuski. Require them to give up their signatures. This happens, for example, in Miory, Rechitzy. "


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