Or react Lavrov in Minsk on Lukashenka's statements?

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has to visit Minsk on May 31. According to Interfax, he will take part in the meeting of foreign ministers of the CSTO. It is assumed that, in addition to the issues of strengthening and improving the efficiency of the organization will be affected by the current problems of international and regional politics.

In this context, the interest of experts is the fact that on the eve of Alexander Lukashenko sarcastically spoke against Sergey Lavrov, from which, in the words Belarusian leader, he just laughs when hearing the arguments of the Russian minister of abuse Human Rights Belarus: "The pressure comes from all sides, suddenly zademakratyzavalasya leadership of the Russian Federation. Lavrov's statements I hear about saving a Human Rights, whether democracy. I sit and think: who's talking … . "



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