Orsha: Just World requires reshape the district commissions

Orsha city committee of the Left Party "Fair World" filed a complaint in the court of Orsha district and the city of Orsha. Applicants need to reverse the decision of the executive committee and the executive committee formation of election commissions.

The party "Just World"In the commission of urban areas has been allocated 11 candidates, of which only included 6. In the complaint filed with the court noted that at the meeting of City Council was not discussed or put to a vote, none of the proposed candidates. It is therefore impossible to understand on what grounds was denied the five members of the "Just world"To include in the local commissions at Orsha.

A similar complaint is directed at the non-inclusion and four representatives PECs Orsha district. By decision of the executive committee, the committee got only 3 representatives of "Fair World", although nominated seventh

Litigation of both complaints is scheduled for November 5.


Elections 2010

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