OSCE: Azerbaijan has not moved towards democracy

Yesterday in Azerbaijan held parliamentary elections. Comment on this event we asked the diffusion Majid, editor of the Russian-speaking Site Azerbaijani Service Radio Liberty.

Maksimyuk: According to preliminary data, the election victory of the ruling party "Yeni Azerbaijan". In the 125-member Azerbaijani parliament it will have about 70 members. They say that almost all of the remaining seats went to candidates in parliament loyal to President Ilham Aliyev, although they ran as independent candidates. Zia, or the results of these elections, unexpected for you?

Majid: You could say that the election results were expected and unexpected. I will provide the latest data from the elections at the moment: 72 received the mandate ruling party gained 13 seats "party loyalty" to the president, while 37 seats were independent candidates, among which also has a "loyal" and, in principle, the opposition in spirit. The ruling party has increased its number of seats in parliament, and it was expected. Expected for many reasons, because the opposition before the elections declared nesumlennastsi and opacity of the electoral process, and after the election unleashed a barrage of criticism.

Maksimyuk: As far as the elections are changing political circumstances in the country? What to expect after them — strengthening presidential authoritarianism or, on the contrary, its weakening?

Majid: I honestly do not expect anything new will. The ruling party will continue its policy. This policy is one like no other. Judging by the statements of our radio listeners and visitors to our site, the number of dissatisfied with the policy and social life in Azerbaijan is growing faster than the number of satisfied.

Maksimyuk: What the opposition says about this election? And what is the view of international observers in the election?

Majid: The opposition described the elections as "unprecedented" in the entire post-Soviet territory. The opposition has unleashed a storm of criticism on the results of these elections and the claims of numerous violations, that their observers were taken out of the polling stations that they do not "interfere" with the vote count. But the most surprising, bearing in mind the previous elections in Azerbaijan, was the view of the Council of Europe and OSCE. I quote a statement that we received recently: "Azerbaijan has not made any meaningful progress in the democratic development.'s The conclusion of observers from the OSCE Mission and the Council of Europe." They said that the elections were unequal conditions for competition, restrictions on freedom of media and freedom of assembly and also cases vkidvannya ballot boxes, resulting in victory of the ruling party, which is headed by the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.

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