Pafala Lukashenko reminded about Kohl's

Germany's Federal Minister Ronald Pafala Minsk recalled that the change of power is a sign of democracy.

The head office of Chancellor of Germany, Federal Minister for Special Assignments Ronald Pafala touched on Belarus election.

"The essential core of democratic elections — a change of government. So is the nature of democracy. Whatever may have been a painful departure from power by any party for that matter, "- said Pafala, speaking at the opening of the Minsk Forum XIII.

Pafala gave the example of a former Chancellor of Germany Helmut Kohl, which was not re-elected after 16 years in office.

"I do not want my words were misinterpreted. The resignation of the change of power is always painful, but it is an integral part of democracy, "- he said.

Speaking of elections, Pafala noted that "the Belarusian leadership knows that in this respect we expect of others, significant progress."

"There are still deficiencies that are the reason that the Council of the EU can not cancel sanctions Belarusian officials, "- he said.

He also drew attention the use of the death penalty in Belarus.


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