Parable. The highest level of love

On the outskirts of the village lived a girl. She was not rich, but does not suffer from want. The girl was very beautiful. Many asked for her hand, but she denied everything. Once she was watering the flowers in the garden. At this time by driving son of a brahmana.
Far was the fame of his generosity and kindness. He has helped the poor and was a devotee of the Lord. When the boy saw the girl in the garden, he realized that he loved her. Then he went into her garden, bowed, and said:

— Oh, great! I do not know your name and do not know who your parents are, but when I saw you, my heart was pounding so hard that I almost jumped out of my chest. I realized that I loved you as soon as I saw you. Be my wife. I gave you all I can. But most importantly — I will reward you with love. But the girl refused. Frustrated young man mounted his horse and rode away. As soon as he disappeared into the garden to the girl entered an old man. His eyes shone with some extraordinary light.
— I'm sorry, 'said the old man, — I could not help flock witness your conversation with this young man. I'm curious why you turned him down? After all, he promised that the dream of every woman — he promised to love.
— Hear me, lord, — she said. -I do not understand women who are looking for love and not finding it. Love is everywhere. It is — it is a flower, it is the water that I poured it. this breeze, this sky, this cloud, this is life, and all love. You see now that I do not need to give me any love, because it is everywhere. It does not even need to take, because it in me. I am full of love. So I do not take it from anyone. I — this is love. And the young man let his love will grant the one that awaits him.
— You say that all and all is love. Do you think that I, too, love? After all, I am old, my beard Seda and I must think of death, — said the old man.
— But you also love, because even death is love. After these words, the girl's head spin and it is like the fog I saw that instead of the old man is a great woman.
— Yes, — she said, — I love. You learned a love of all that it touches your hands and your eyes have seen. Only the greatest of love, you have not experienced death. Do you want to experience?
— Yes, 'replied the girl.
The woman took her by the hand and led him up somewhere Somewhere down she saw her garden, her body. But it it was no longer necessary. She followed his companion — for love.

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