Pensioner conjures snakes

January 11, 2013 2:43

As known from the Harry Potter books, the ability to talk to snakes in the highest class of magic. Pensioner from Penza Hope Artamonova not involved in such things, but the snakes can spell.

Anesthesia woke super-knowledge

Woman 65 years old, for many years she worked as a bookkeeper in the school № 57. 20 years ago, she had to undergo abdominal operation under general anesthesia. After the woman began to feel thinner people quickly find connections between different events and phenomena.

Once out of her bag, lying in the office and stole a purse with just received a salary.
"I was on a different floor — says Nadezhda Alekssevna. — There seems to me whispered in my ear: "Purse stolen …". I ran back — it is. And the voice again: "It was done by a worker, who was summoned to the school to repair electrician." I did not dare to accuse him of anything, just very worried, cried half the night. Two days later, a man came up and he confessed, and the money returned to me in a few days. "
Country estate situated Artamonova Aleksandrovka. Near the ravine, where the summer is always a lot of vipers.
"If it really happened — smiling Nadezhda, something has to find common language with them."
In August, the poisonous neighbor got into the habit of pensioner creep into the garden.
"I'm going down the path to the site and see — the woman — stood on the tail viper hisses at me. I decided to take a different trail, and there are two snakes curled up! I had to come back and start trying to persuade the snake, "Why are you holding me, let me go! You yourself have probably tired of standing. " It continues to be angry. And I look at her and whisper: "Hear me, hear …" And viper slowly sank to the ground — and I persuaded her to crawl. "

And about a month penzyachka went into the woods for berries with his girlfriend. And both the pensioner again face to face with a viper. The method of "spells" worked again. So she Artamonova believes that although it is not fabulous Harry Potter, but on occasion may save your life from aggressive reptiles.
"If a man have problems with snakes in the Year of the Snake, please" — jokes Nadezhda.


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