Perm ufologists have opened a new anomalous zone

December 2, 2011 14:48


"A group of researchers Russian UFO service RUFORS returned from an expedition to an abandoned military base defense. Abandoned part is located 25 kilometers from Perm, near the station Adischevo. According to the director Nicholas RUFORS Subbotin, this military base, abandoned 20 years ago, often hear voices and strange sounds.

Therefore, the main objective of the expedition was to verify that this is not a myth, and to try to fix the unusual phenomena using recording equipment. The expedition team leader at the suggestion of the Permian Diggers Mikhail Morozov invited psychic Natalia Dmitrieva, who participated in the 11th "Battle of the Psychics." According to Nikolay Subbotin, during a visit to the house officers deserted base, many members of the group had heard strange voices and footsteps on the second floor at night. Now comes the processing of audio recordings made during the expedition.

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