Philip Gordon: The elections will be an opportunity for Belarus to demonstrate progress

Deputy Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Philip Gordon in an interview with our radio said that to improve the Belarusian-American relations official Minsk should make a series of steps.

"We are given to understand I wanted toand to have a better, more constructive relations with Belarus ", — said Gordon. However, according to Deputy Secretary of State, the U.S. sanctions against Belarus may be withdrawn only in the case of progress on democracy and human rights in Belarus:

"Close the presidential election will be the possibility of for Belarus demonstrate progress. Therefore, we will look very carefully at them and will be ready to help in the process so that the Belarusian authorities have taken advantage of this. "

We will be very closely monitor the elections …

Philip Gordon stressed that compliance with the December elections to international standards — a prerequisite withdrawal of U.S. sanctions. According to Gordon, the proper conduct of the official Minsk elections could pave the way for the restoration and operation of the U.S. Embassy in Belarus in full:

"The reason that we do not have an ambassador to Belarus — it is not our choice, it's their choice — in response to the sanctions that we have introduced, guided

We would like to see our ambassador there tomorrow …

motives of democracy and human rights. We would like to see our ambassador there tomorrow. We do not think that the absence of the ambassador — this is the way to effectively communicate with the authorities. "

A spokesman for the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Andrei Savinykh said the correspondent of "Freedom" The Belarusian side "is interested in the development of constructive relations with the United States in all areas of mutual interest. But the major issue preventing in this direction are the sanctions against" Belneftekhim "concern.


Philip Gordon

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