Photos from the astral world

October 27, 2011 18:20

Photos from the astral world

Recently appeared on the Internet a short message: American researchers first photographed on film hallucinations addicts. About fifteen years ago, and we found a man for the first time to photograph the hallucinations of alcoholics.

In those years, my interest in anomalous phenomena does not overlap with the topic, while the commission on AH at the Geographical Society has sought peterburzhenku, literature teacher Natalia Yakushev, who lived on the right bank of the Neva for Volodarsky bridge.
After suffering a serious illness, she suddenly began to hear in the music! These were the classics — Beethoven, Bach, Tchaikovsky. Sometimes the "concert" suddenly interrupted, and then just as suddenly resumed. But the most curious thing is that the music could hear other people, if pressed his ear to ear Natalia! My daughter even joked: "Mom, you do not accidentally swallowed a transistor?"

When asked Yakushev an audiologist, he also heard the "concert" by stethoscope, tubes that were inserted into the patient's ears. Surprised, the doctor advised her to contact the experts on anomalous phenomena, since he never presents a similar phenomenon is not met.

Expert Group came to Yakushev, make sure you have the phenomenon of what is called, with his ears, and began to find out related details. It turned out that the music stops when she washes the dishes or clean the bathroom. But then, after 15-20 minutes, the sound comes back.

This phenomenon in the literature has been known since the 30's. To an American psychiatrist asked the patient who suddenly began to hear all sorts of music and voices. Psychiatrist was found that it started after her visit to the dentist, and she heard the transmission powerful local radio station. It turned out that the fillings were crystals of silicon carbide, who worked as a detector of radio waves.

Yakushev to the dentist but did not address, but not far from her house experts noted the whole antenna field. However, during the second visit to World band receiver station broadcasting the "classics", zapelengovat failed.

As is known, a simple crystal set that has an antenna (in this case, its function is the body of the person), will run louder if it is connected to ground. The result of "grounding" Natalia turned the opposite — "transfer" has disappeared. However, the woman was very happy — we randomly prompted her simplest way to turn boring music.

The teacher agreed to participate in further experiments. In a radio organization was well shielded from radio waves all metal camera. We've put it Natalia. When she came in, the music became much quieter, and when the door closed — completely disappeared.

Although we were not able to unravel the nature of this phenomenon, it became clear — to psychiatry this case had nothing to do. In the future, the music in my ears, women gradually became quieter, and a year later, and disappeared completely.

Music to your ears

There was another similar case. A resident of Nizhny Novgorod S.Kurganskaya 19 December 1991 lay at home to read. Suddenly, in the right ear, she began to sound signal as a very long "pee." The signal was intermittent, resembling the Morse code, and hear him and co-workers, women, and his son even wrote it down on tape.

When our archive added another similar case, we decided to report them to the famous Perm Gennady Krokhaleva psychiatrist, who at one time managed to capture through photography and filming of visual hallucinations in patients with severe alcoholism. But Permian doctor ahead of us — he was able to register with a tape recorder auditory hallucinations in their patients!
The first experiments were extremely simple: the doctor took the tube from the stethoscope, in-ear patients, and the other ends of the tubes are in the ears of the doctor. In particular, it was found that auditory hallucinations start to sound louder, if the ear lobes of patients make a DC voltage of 10-12 volts. One of the patients, "music" was heard in the ears, and without the extra boost.
But the most amazing effect was found Krokhaleva in 1972. Patient S., born in 1926, after the strongest binge for 10 days experienced a vivid auditory hallucinations. According to him, he constantly heard the voices of the dead girls from his native village, who asked to show them the city of Perm, where he lived. The patient sat in a taxi, drive around and "show them Perm", commenting on what he saw out loud. In the end, the taxi driver brought his passenger in a psychiatric hospital.
Dream — a product of the brain, or what is called the soul leaves the body during sleep and travels to the astral world.
Krokhalev decided to record the voice on the tape of the dead girls and to eliminate all external noise, tried to write in a shielded room. But it was necessary to go to the patient in the chamber and close the door, as the voices of the "other world" disappeared. They appeared again when S. went from the chamber.
This observation has promised to make a complete revolution in psychiatry: visual and auditory hallucinations were not "imaginary inner subjective factor", and induced from the outside! In addition, there was no self-hypnosis — patients coming into the camera, do not know that are in the shielded from external influences indoors.
Similar experiments on tape recording of auditory hallucinations had three Italian parapsychologists (professor, engineer and doctor) in 1979. The results of these experiments Krokhalev expressed in years rather blasphemous idea: "I assume that putting psychiatric patients with hallucinations in a shielded room interrupted the effect on them of the subtle (astral) world."

A failed experiment

Once in a telephone conversation with Krokhaleva I offered to hold another very interesting experiment. And he suggested the idea of an old dispute physiologists on the topic see whether animals dream? In this dispute was sacrilegious overtones: if they see, then, and they have a sort of "animal soul." Experimenters reported observations during REM sleep in dogs and cats. There are movements pupils of the eyes — so the animals can see something in his sleep (for example, in a dream cat hunts).
This talk I will give from memory.
-Gennady — I suggested — and that if you try to take a picture of not hallucinating alcoholics and dreams the average person? If successful, will be able to understand: the dream — a product of the brain, or what is called the soul leaves the body during sleep and travels to the astral world? For starters, you can see if a person dreams in a shielded room.
-The idea is interesting, but the part of the photo difficult. People, unfortunately, they sleep with their eyes closed. Although I know of one person who can sleep with open.
-You can try and closed: you yourself have shown that even hallucinations photography camera is not needed — you can capture on film, placed in a black plastic bag. But with your idea that the eye emits in the infrared range, I do not agree, plain film, not sensitized to IR, it will not fix. So, out of the eye goes some more hard radiation, which can, and shall never be a hindrance. Try it out of curiosity, at least for myself.

I do not know whether spent Gennady experiment with photography dreams. And after a while to learn that he had voluntarily died.
And something not hear about the people who continued his research.

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