Pilots eyes F-35 can create a distance of 1200 km

Eyes F-35 pilot can see at a distance of 1200 km

The company Northrop Grumman announced the successful testing of a unique electron optical system (EOS) with a distributed aperture AN/AAQ-37 (DAS) for the fighter of the 5th generation F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter. System, mounted on plane-stand, which accompanied the launch and found a two-stage missile at a distance greater than 1200 km. Accompanying the launch went 9 minutes — from launch to fuel exhaustion.

These numbers look indescribable, and yet, the company argued that it is only part of the capacity of the future aircraft. EOS DAS F-35 will be capable of a 360-degree view from the highest frame refresh rate, the highest resolution and sensitivity, all of which will be projected on the pilot's helmet-mounted display.

The system consists of several optical sensors located at various points fuselage. The computer connects their images into one seamless picture of the environment. DAS detects and perfectly accompanies the target passive mode (without backlight radar or laser), and does not require intervention pilot. It should seem like the enemy on the battlefield — DAS simultaneously capture the target (ground, air and missiles, including air defense and the "air"), and will be without annoying to look after her, except opportunity care in the blind spots. With all this pilot can shoot the rear hemisphere, and to make any maneuvers.

Also this system allows the pilot with his own helmet-mounted display, literally create through the aircraft structure in the spectra of the different waves — the computer calculates that the pilot had beheld, if opaque plastic or metal was not, and transmits the synthesized picture on the screen. At night, under the brightest sun in the fog and rain pilot F-35 sees unreal accurate detailed world. No one who has not previously received such possibilities of perception, not the case this system is called "God's eye."

On the fighter F-35 is also set omnidirectional infrared CCD-TV camera of high resolution (EOTS), designed for surveillance and target acquisition. It enables the capture and maintenance of all land, surface and air targets. Absolutely passive, it can detect and accompany goal in automatic mode and bolshennom distance, the reporting of laser irradiation of the aircraft. To reduce the size and the telltale signs of designers abandoned spherical fairing and closed chamber faceted sapphire crystal.

The complex such equipment makes it possible to carry out covert very wide range of tasks: missile defense, intelligence support to the irregular conflict, etc.

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