Planetary warming replaced by planetary cooling

The main factors affecting the weather and climate.  © / CherrylynxCombined global land surface temperature and ocean in January — October 2011 was 14,0 ° C, which is 0,53 ° above the average for the XX century, and is only the 10th result on record. 

The statistical measurement error is + / — 0,09 ° clarify American meteorological experts (NOAA). Separately, the land surface temperature for January — October turned out to be 0,85 ° above the average of the last century and was 6th in the ranked list. Global sea surface temperature for the year was at 0,41 ° above normal and was 12th in history. How to interpret the slowdown in aggregate global temperature in the National Administration of the United States for the atmosphere and the ocean did not specify.

It is likely that this and several other symptoms may indicate the causes of natural climate variability, which can be traced to the 35-year cycle. If so, given the fact that the warming began in 1975, the peak heating of the planet is over and now starts cooling. However, as it will take place against the background of the large amount of greenhouse gas emissions is uncertain.

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