Playmates Lukashenko cost him cheap oil

The volume of Russian oil deliveries to Belarus in January-October fell by 43% compared with the same period last year, amounting to 10 million tons.

With the introduction of duties on oil supplied to Belarus, to buy it in Russia was economically unprofitable — the official forecast, because of the duty, the budget would wipe $ 1.5-2 billion. Minsk hopes to compensate for the loss due to alternative supplies from Venezuela, Iran and Azerbaijan.

Due to changes in the conditions of supply of Russian oil Belarusian government adjusted the activities of oil refineries. In 2010, Novopolotsk "Naftan" and Mozyr total must process about 16 million tons of Belarusian and Russian oil. The rest of the process will be tied to the tanker oil supplies from Venezuela through the ports of Ukraine and the Baltic countries.

In This year, Russia has agreed to supply to Belarus duty-free 6.3 million tons of oil and 15 million tons — to include in the price of 100% duty. The Belarusian side is categorically against such a formula, calling the collection of export duties in the Customs Union "legal nonsense". Economic Court of the CIS, where the Belarusian Justice Ministry filed a lawsuit on the Russian government actually gave it to chance, calling on the parties to decide the conflict situation.

Recently, Deputy Minister of Finance of Russia Sergei Shatalov said Moscow refuses duties, provided that Belarus will fully transfer to the Russian budget export duties on oil products exported from Belarus. He reminded that the fee is set at 55% of the rate of duty on crude oil, which means that Belarusian refineries continue to receive an indirect subsidy. Shatalov said that Russia subsydyyavats Belarus no longer wants and believes that in this case it is better to invest in the modernization of Russian refineries.

Belarus Moscow's recent initiatives can not satisfy. Although the discussion of the Russian proposal is at an expert level, officials believe that the record seizure of a single customs territory will be made until January 1, 2011 issue of penalty fees will be decided in favor of Belarus.

Meanwhile, hopes for the return of the old preferences are becoming more elusive. Deputy chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Alexei Ostrovsky convinced that double play, which leads the Belarusian leadership, leaves little chance that Russia will continue to remain for Belarus "cash cow":

"Liberal Democratic Party, as well as other political forces in Russia for a long time and has consistently supported Lukashenko, has supported the Belarusian-Russian relations, not fully realizing that this man playing a double game. In recent times, when Russia was forced to revise the amounts and types of financial aid, which provided billions of dollars in recent years Belarus and thus created the myth of the Belarusian economic miracle, we saw who was actually sitting in the official Minsk and how it all at actually called. For the Liberal Democratic Party, as well as for other forces, vote, millions of people, and I think to some extent, leaders of various political parties have expressed their position. "

An expert in the field of energy Alexander Fur sure that the losses from the imposition of duties on Russian oil felt not only for Belarus' budget, but also to the forces that lobbied for such commodities chart:

"These are real money that remained in Belarus. Course, is another question where the money finally settled — or the government, or were they in the budget, or they directly use some personalities. But the lack of transparency in this matter gives rise say, this is just one of the money laundering schemes at the state level. although we can not talk about the state indiscriminately, since the state can still use it. It seems to me that behind all this there are specific individuals, they have names, there are names. But this situation is finally tired of Moscow, as of this one-sided "cooperation" did not receive income primarily Russia's budget did not receive the money the same Russian people. "

A hole in the oil supplies of Belarus tries to patch up with the help of Venezuela. During a recent visit to Minsk, the country's president, Hugo Chavez assured Alexander Lukashenko, the Belarusian refineries have no shortage of oil at least 200 years. It is planned that by 2011, the Belarus will receive from the ocean 10 million tons of oil annually. As other donors are also called oil of Iran and Azerbaijan.

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