… Plus dollarization across the country

After years of unsuccessful attempts to squeeze out of a turnover of U.S. Dollar Belarus National Bank waives the previous strategy and expands the list of permitted transactions in foreign currencies. In particular, it will be returned to the possibility of foreign money to refuel at gas stations and travel agencies, motels, medical centers and educational institutions will be able to charge for the permit, treatment and education in dollars, euros and Russian rubles.

Deputy Economy Minister of Belarus Andrei Tur confirmed: legalizavavshy currency payments, the government is hoping to attract with the National Bank of turnover in dollars and euros, which in anticipation of possible devaluation processes population is in no hurry to spend:

"This is a measure that would largely related to the expansion of application and use of foreign currency in the calculations on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. This payment for fuel, and a number of features that will be available for payment of services of hotels, roadside service, travel services, payment of import duties in foreign currency, and a number of other factors. All of them should lead to a correction of not only the state of the currency market, but also in the whole of the relative razbalyansavanastsi, which currently takes place. "

However, people are not in a hurry to part with foreign exchange trading and struggling to raise their own "safety cushion" in case of further collapse of the ruble. The man in the queue outside the exchange point in the Minsk Central Department Store said that after the devaluation of the line of people looking to buy dollars, euros, Russian rubles only increased, many who donates the work to report regularly on the list, otherwise the vacancy will take someone else:

"There are two exchangers are nearby: one on the first floor and the second —

from Minsk travel by car to confirm its place in the list …

the third. So on the third floor of a turn around 240 people. If the average day there are two or three people, then it is at least a two-month wait. Should be celebrated and the 9th in the morning and in the evening of the 9th, and even people from Minsk travel by car to confirm its place in the list. Imagine two months is necessary for people coming from out of town to celebrate, and only two months (!) Although not yet a fact — may try to buy as much as dollars there. "

Meanwhile, foreign exchange operations and virtually collapsed in the interbank market. Introduced by the National Bank ban on the deviation from the official rate by more than 2% actually paralyzed currency transactions — no one wants to sell at a loss at a lower rate and, as in the case of the cash market, more and more entities are moving in the shadow segment. Says expert at the Institute for Privatization and Management Irina Tochitskaya:

To be honest, it simply can not comment on …

"Frankly speaking, it simply can not comment on … If what they did, was during the preparation of the loan from the Eurasian Economic Community, could would expect that the National Bank will intervene at the same time — especially in order to gain a foothold at this level. And here, of course, a very large devaluation expectations, which is not implemented. So, naturally, it will create some additional pressure. But as long as there is no money, what to expect? Perhaps they are hoping that as long as the enterprise, the public will be psychologically prepared for this, and only then will be intervention. Perhaps, though very hard to believe. At least, I do not understand this logic at all. "

Analysts of the Russian company "VTB Capital" predict that the Belarusian ruble will devalue by 50%, as the country plunges into a new economic crisis. According to experts, the only way to prevent a complete collapse — rapid privatization. However, on the eve of Alexander Lukashenko said he was not going to sell strategic assets for a pittance. In that case, experts predict, Belarus faces the prospect of hyperinflation, massive unemployment and the decline in production. Ruble meanwhile may fall to the level of 10,000 to the dollar. With them, agrees and supratskryzisny manager Mieczyslaw Burak:

"Even if the ruble and released to freedom, it's all over.

We do not have any competitive company …

Belarus is on the cusp of transformation, because they do not were made before and urgently needs to do. We do not have any competitive enterprise, we have not done anything for us to be competitive economy. And we need to do — what we said back in 1994 and that, by the way, is published in the "Star" in the "Belarusian thought." I said, many people said and continue to say today also. This is only our leaders ask again: what to do? Everyone knows what to do — work. Do not trade with fish and vodka, or public land, taking our case and address the issues which have to deal statesman. For what he called, for what the people elected him. That's the point. "

Alexander Lukashenko for the first time in the last days spoke about the events in the foreign exchange market. In his view, the question now is how to "get out of this situation": "If there is a desire — vykrutsimsya" — he concluded.

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