Pocono Family God

Pocono Family GodPocono Family God, eternal and incomprehensible great wisdom of the Holy Faith-Veda kept in labor forefather Bohumír descendants who remained to live in the vast Russia after the flood. That part Oriyskih birth, which moved eastward, eventually began to lose Pocono. Thus began the night Svarog. Then ancestors realized that without native land they are nothing, and decided to return to Holy Russia. He led them to the Father Ory. When they returned, joined together two branches of Vedic knowledge transfer — solar, which remained in Russia, and a moon that aspire to improve the edge of the back. Since Pocono fully protects the descendants Oriya.
Pocono — is stingy with legal rights that make up the universe. Every Orthodox Rusin them in himself must feel, and feeling with Rod ONE to be together savings and live happily in the joy and goodness of the Light Rod Almighty.
Holiness that in the beginning, old Magi, The Guardian velimudrymi in Karbi vedanya was concluded that their people have studied Veda by heart. Subsequently, to make them easier to remember, they started recording.

And kept on in different ways, as cuts left on the plates, and then on svolokah temples carved or chiseled the stones around temples and shrines were placed for protection, so Circle Zhivoyavlenya create. It was those carbo luminous number 360. For the 360 — the number is not simple, then the sign of Rod God, of his year Svarog folds it in the Circle Zhivoyavlenya Triglav God is. From vedanya Circle, is there any community, large or smaller, but the full range — are 360.

The Faith of the ancient clan, righteous people to know, Magi Karbi vedanya should memorize that the interpretation is easy for people to carry their kind. Nobody Magus is not until the name Karbi their secret will not know. This age-old wisdom, Rod Allah willed faithfully to protect your children, and when they reach the age of the child, tell them to her at all times knew and lived by it, because the knowledge incorporated in Pocono, are eternal.
Slavs! Carbo sanctify through the life-giving, strength Rod cloy — and you will have eternal life with the Gods in the Triglav. Carbo arguing over, hear the voice of the Light and the Government, which to us from Iria carried. Therefore Veda seeping over Karbi thinking in a state of Holy Silence are, and then you just open the way, the road will be free and easy. And go as Slavs, Oria, Ruthenians light to the gods in glory everlasting.
Pocono you — and farewell life support everywhere, it must surely obey, worrying about his soul. And the law does not have any Karba lose, because the inheritance is yours, which with Rusin should always remain. With the loss of at least one of the spokes of wheels Zhivoyavlenya break out, God's way of life on earth is destroyed, knowledge Rod reduced and great troubles come. Darkness from spreading and all the work is ashes. And as a matter of fact lose vedane, pray for a return to reality forefather Oriya. From The Guardian should magi to the right to go year after year, life after life, Father crying, that the Tablets of the Spirit, he Carbo Rod vedanya read and Reveal resumed firmly. Then again, life gets better, land Lad will come all the way navernet faithful, and love and harmony will prevail for a thousand years, until Ohnište Generic will burn.

So Magi-Guardian (keepers Pocono) Rusin was bequeathed to live and how in the world deyat. With the coming of night Svarog covenant Rhoda people stopped to listen to his folly, only some of the Native Gods singing. On Russian land to the trouble came. With the disaster that vedane Light strongly darkened, mint and record it was no way, magi Guardians his treasured forest. And there were those among the priests, that, in the well-fed life Pozar, the enemies came and gave them part of the Vedas, Circles Svarog they were to holiday they are celebrating and Headlines Vera stranger Ruthenians partake. But science priestly — it's not science Volkhov, and therefore has hitherto bitter enemy of what the Magi righteous ignorant, he does not know what Guardians know …
Vedane Pocono over the last hundred years has been hidden from the people, but by the will of the Magi, The Guardian today, they must be returned to the people. Orthodox Magi were allowed to be gradually releasing to the public. At this time, been widely publicized only eighteen Karbi vedanya. With the growing awareness of Rusyns (Slavs) will be made public, and others.

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