Pofalla: I do not think that the opposition is strong only when there is a single candidate


The Head of the Federal Chancellery, Federal Minister for Special Assignments Ronald Pofalla at a press conference in Minsk summed up his short visit to Belarus, during which they discussed political issues.

Ronald Pofalla. Vladimir Mackay. Rainer Lindner

Ronald Pofalla opened the Belarusian-German meeting "Minsk Forum", held talks with the head of the Presidential Administration of Belarus Vladimir Makeev, as well as with a number of opposition candidates. According Pofalla, Belarus — part of Europe, and it still remains to be done to build the rule of law, free and fair elections. The most important obstacle to closer cooperation between Belarus and Europe is the death penalty, which is completely unacceptable for the Europeans, and in Belarus is still used. Like, it is necessary to formulate a small number of fundamental values.

"Among them — the law of the State which should out the death penalty. This is not must. And not only in Belarus in the Criminal Code the death penalty, but it also holds. For us, this is unacceptable. We believe that now is the biggest obstacle on the path of rapprochement with Europe. "

As for the elections, then, Ronald Pofalla, comparing them with the standards adopted in other countries, not because "the situation in Belarus is completely solvable." Big drawback that a few weeks before the election, the citizens do not know who will be on their candidate. Comparing current campaign with previous, Mr. Pofalla noted that "the restrictions that exist in the collection of signatures do not exist" and that it is a positive development, but the Europeans are of the opinion that the "normal bases for free elections in Belarus and Belarus is not as before, is far from free elections. "

"Part of free and fair elections — are certain standards that we believe are minimal. That is — that there is no obstacle for the registration of candidates was zbalyansavanasts in the electoral committees and was the admission of observers."

Mr. Pofalla said that if Belarus will not be free and fair elections, he will criticize it, and Europe needs to think about how to respond. The German minister said that during the talks with the authorities "did not avoid the very clear statements" and held contacts were outside the scope of secret diplomacy. He also said that the agenda of the fate of the missing opponents of the regime in Belarus. He added that in Europe are waiting for clarification reasons "very strange" death of journalist Oleg Bebenina. He welcomed the fact that the OSCE experts were able to hold her investigation.

it would be foolish to insist and even recommend that the opposition has put forward a single …

Answering the question of "Liberty" under the union of the Belarusian democratic opposition and the possibility of electing a single candidate, Mr Pofalla said he did not give any recommendations. But during the meeting, discussions on this topic led opposition candidates themselves. According Pofalla, "free elections are not determined by the fact that as a result there are two candidates: the incumbent president and some alternative. For free elections, and it is important that there is a large number of candidates. And so it would be foolish to insist and even recommend that the opposition has put forward united, as the case in the phenomenon of pluralism among the opposition. " According to the German minister, "is another matter, whether opposition candidates to agree on a joint platform to formulate a common minimum requirements." He reiterated that still does not exclude a plurality of opposition candidates, and said he did not apply to those who believe that the opposition is strong only when there is a single candidate.

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