Poverty in China

The poverty line in China is now equal to a dollar a day — it has added 100 million poor people of China

China will increase the official cost of living in rural areas to $ 1 a day, the annual cost of living increase from 1.274 million yuan (about $ 200) to 2,300 ($ 360), the agency BBC.

In recent years, China's western provinces, which are particularly affected by poverty have been launched several major infrastructure projects.

On the eve of the Chinese media have quotes from Hu Jintao's recent statement in which he promised that by 2020, no Chinese will have no shortage of food and clothing.

"Access everyone to basic, compulsory education, to basic health care and housing will be guaranteed," — said the president of China.

"The gap between the rich and the poor will no longer grow at a staggering pace," — concluded Hu Jintao. In the next two years, Hu Jintao has to leave the presidency, but all his endeavors aimed at a fairly distant future.

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