Power corporations: private armies

Officially, the former Special Forces soldiers escorted cargo customers the transport of dangerous routes, protect property and personnel patrolling private land. But it's official. There are so-called covert operations, which do not tell anybody.


"Russian security," or sex workers — is a private military company founded by former members of the armed forces of Russia. They offer services for maintenance and security in different parts of the world. RSB staff claim that their uniqueness is in a much more cautious approach to the business, RT reporter Tom Barton.

In the U.S., private military companies are involved for a number of strategic sites: spaceports, some storage of weapons. Outside the U.S., officially used in Iraq, Somalia, Rwanda, Haiti and Afghanistan.

On hearing the name of such campaigns as BlackWater, Raytheon, Academy, but there are others, a complete list here. Recently, private armies are becoming more weight in comparison with the state, especially in international conflicts. Ultimately, this can lead to fainting or complete elimination of the government and of the structures that were familiar to us. In a world where everything is decided by money, the state replaced the Army private, the social benefits are goods and services, and the states are replaced by corporations. The war for the money — an extreme form of the modern "capitalism" and one of the pillars of the Western economy. And as it goes and the more turns, perhaps, no one to show and explain no longer need …

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