Pozniak: Thank Nyaklyaeu. But you can only fight the boycott

Zenon Pozniak commented Vladimir Neklyaeva appeal to the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Poland and Germany to demand guarantees safe return Zenon Pozniak, Seeds Sharetsky and other political exiles.

Pozniak: "Mr. Nekljaev his unexpected initiative to put Europe at a disadvantage (imagine an impenetrable silence of two ministers)." Europe "with the understanding that only talked to Moscow and came to inform Lukashenko, saying that one condition — spend their beautiful and democratic elections, we'll recognize and all is forgiven, and will give a lot of (three billion euros, or even more).

Over three billion (do not worry), he will hold elections not only the "democratic", but also elegant, "because you so want," as he said to them, "the governor."

And everything goes like clockwork. For ten potential presidents galloping beside the polling racetrack. Around the "democracy" and an interview. The signatures on the call for applicants Lukashenko collected all the people (so he says). And in this pleasant moment Mr. Nekljaev offers, suddenly, Pozniak return to his boycott of all their comedy and kamarylli election.

Well, you know, as they say, — complete "maveton." And everything was going so well.

With this incident should be one simple conclusion — do not put on the role of Mr. Neklyaeva Milinkevich in Europe. However, it is as if, it is not intended. But Mr. Sannikov fun. All the more so, that the interest for their votes will determine the very one who promised amount for pursuing a "democratic" elections. Such is the Realpolitik. Now deal with it can only be a boycott — not recognizing all this obscenity gurtavannem social alternatives.

More seriously, I am grateful to Mr. Neklyaev. For 14 and a half years, he has severe — the first person in the policies that put a question on political guarantees my return. All brewing, brothers, and ahead — a victory. "

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