Prepared handbook for journalists

With the support of the Belarusian representative of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, prepared for print publication, which can become a kind of handbook for Belarusian journalists.

Authors Yuri Taparashau and Alexander Koktyish examine the provisions of the law "On mass media", which entered into force in Last year,, and real examples show the difficulties faced by Belarusian mass media in the performance of professional duties. Provides practical advice on reducing the burden of public attention towards the independent press.

To discuss the situation in the media market of Belarus on the basis of research and Alexander George Toporasheva Koktysh, representative FES invited practicing journalists, sociologists, lawyers: Alexis King, Leonid Mindlin, Alexandra Tamkovich, Sergei Nikolyuk, Marina Zagorskaya, Sergei Silkova and others. The speeches of experts noted that the newly law, backed by the current decrees in the field of "ordering" of the national segment of the Internet, not only brought relief to journalists, as promised in high offices, but also marked the sad prospects for online publications. And it is not Apart from the fact, in Belarus still rampant malpractice state monopolization of information space.

After making the last edits journalistic benefit will appear in print in late November.



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