Put pressure on voters to play with signatures

The territorial commissions in the regions examined for authenticity signatures collected by initiative groups of potential candidates. Independent observers alleged numerous irregularities and possible fraud training.

Details of the campaign — in the reports of the regional correspondent of "Freedom."

Gomel Oblast

The observation will be around the clock

In Lelchitsy the inspection district commission to reject the all the signatures collected forAles Mikhalevich representatives of the movement "For Freedom." This was announced Nicholas Gavrylenko:

"The commission said that the signature checked once, then a second. It turned out 20 percent of the invalid. Made a decision to cancel all bids submitted for Michalevic 87 signatures. People allegedly refused, saying that did not subscribe to the prefabricated sheets. "

In Chechersky area, according to local activist Basil Chytakova, who collected signatures for theVladimir Neklyaeva, some managers were forced to abandon their subordinates filed signatures. This is especially evident in the village Zalissia, where about a dozen employees of agricultural enterprises, kindergarten, cultural suddenly wrote a statement and withdrew their signatures.

During the inspection, I think the people have forced them to have refused.

Vasily Chytakov "people subscribed for Neklyaeva. They knew who to subscribe — I explained that he was a poet and all that. Suffered to pass a signature in the executive committee. Surrendered. During the inspection, I think the people have forced them to abandoned — Accountant's CSEA "Star" in kindergarten Zaleskaya school. These signatures are canceled. "

Became known and the final results of the formation of election commissions in the region. Of the 229 members of opposition parties nominated a grassroots electoral committees, made up of government included only 32. Representatives of the Democratic Party is not in election commissions in the major regions of the regional center — the Soviet and Train.

Chairman of the regional branch of the United Civil Party Vasily Polyakov said the activists, who was not involved in grass-roots election commissions will be sent to monitor elections at polling stations namely:

"We have worked well: first direct activists to the commissions and see where the include and what is not. And if you include reinforcing areas of observers. If not included, as it is now in Gomel, certain areas are doing to monitor and implement it very close surveillance. "

The regional organization of the Left "Fair World" offers even set the clock surveillance at some polling stations.

Says the regional head of the party Vladimir Siekierki:

"As part of the campaign" For Fair Elections "in the Gomel region of 50 sites will be organized very thorough observation. At some sites are going to drive it around the clock. At such sites are sending batches of at least four observers. They will take turns to be there around the clock. Appropriate proposals sent to the CEC. If we fail, then we will see for yourself how and where to place our observers to the whole day they had the opportunity to observe. "


Conditions for fraud

In Mogilev opposition candidate for the presidency of the Commission to increase the number of signatures. In the headquarters of the candidates that are not happy.

The October election commission initially reject the 1,845 signatures in support of Vladimir Neklyaeva. Later, the city staff applicant became aware that the number of delivered signatures unexpectedly increased:

"Initially, they gave us a figure greatly underestimated. By checking is only 6,600 signatures. Now they have added us to 1834 and will be checked for an additional 360 signatures. I understand that the Commission itself confused. We will require translation and explanation of what they believe, as we have with them does not converge one digit, "- said an employee of staff Oksana Zakrevskaya.

Chairman of the Commission Alexander Kozhemjakin explains the discrepancy in the figures technical failures:

"There was a technical error in the computer. We understood for a long time. As long as the check is no fear not. It would be worse if they were not found. They could complain to us. No no letters rigged NOT toss. This clearly. "

The Commission, headed by Mr. Kozhemyakin added 1,700 signatures, and Ales Mikhalevich. Such support staff of the applicant refused, as in the integrity of the commission does not believe. As the employee of staff Yuri Stukalov, Commission refused to explain where did these signatures:

"This creates a basis for fraud. More signatures, the more that twenty percent that are needed for verification. Where is the guarantee that these 1,700 signatures they planted fakes, so you do not accept the results of the Oktyabrsky district?"

Vitebsk Region

Signature gatherers who intimidates Irina Voltaire?

Irene Walter, collector of signatures in support of Vital Rymasheuski Miory, it was revealed that at least three local residents refused signatures after them appealed to the district election commission.

From one such Ms. Irina Walter spoke personally, trying to figure out the details:

"I said," you wrote such a statement or bring you ready? "She says," I signed. " So bring something ready. I asked, "And I can write a statement that you asked to sign a letter?" And she says: "Oh, I need to Lukashenka, because I need my pension." Such is the grandmother says one thing today and another tomorrow! "

Irina Walter told about another incident: yesterday her call from an unknown man who threatened trouble if she did not immediately take the commission of their subscription lists. At Mrs. phone with caller, but for some reason this number is not defined:

Take as soon as possible, otherwise you will have problems with the work.

"Before, this was not, and here — six dashes. I said, "Take as soon as possible, otherwise you will have problems with the work." I said: "You are misinformed, my job I will not lose." I do not work — I look after the children. I was invited to meet, but I refused. After all scared. When asked, "What is your name? Who is calling me?" That put up. I was terribly agitated, had high blood pressure, the whole evening was on the pill … "


Irina Walter is going to take a printout of calls to the telephone exchange and attach it to the application in Miorsky district election commission.

After it became known that in the region of Vitebsk district commissions have included less than one quarter of one percent of the representatives of the democratic forces, local activists are prepared to delegate to the election observers.

Chairman of the regional organization of the party "Fair World" Nicholas Selivashko, with 50 party nominees in the committee were only 18, and only in the regions. In addition to the work of the election did not allow a single representative of the Belarusian Popular Front party, which was allocated 25 people. Now these activists are likely to go to the observers:

"We will send observers to the joint efforts — within the UDF coalition. Let us analyze, in which the Commission put our people to provide them with as
sistance from the observers. As part of the campaign "For Free Elections" shall nominate observers as we can! I think it will be more than 100 people. "

Grodno region

Why hide signatures for Lukashenko?

Independent observers for the presidential election in Grodno point of principle violations of election laws by local authorities and are now saying that the elections can not be considered transparent and democratic.

Human rights activist and observer of the election campaign Roman Yurhel notes at the outset that the electoral commission on the entire region almost did not include representatives of the opposition.

Yurhel"Precinct election commissions formed by 80% of those people who have already participated in previous elections at all levels."

Victor Sazonov, which also monitors the election campaign in the area, adding that none of them had been admitted to the verification of signatures.

Sazonov"None of our observers did not see what there signatures were collected, for example, for Lukashenko, for other applicants. We only say that something is checked, which ksera found. But show them to us, that we may see! We need to see that million signatures, which is declared for Lukashenko. "

Victor Sazonov also notes that among included in the election commissions of the opposition — of 0.25% over the country — mostly people who work in the public or very busy, or not at all in good health.

Sazonov"So, expect some other elections, not such as were carried out earlier, we simply do not have."

The observer for the election campaign Ostrovetsky area Nicholas Ulasevich, tells us that went and asked to be allowed to observe the counting of the votes, but was refused.

Ulasevich"I was told that my duties prescribed in Article 13 of the Electoral Code, saying that you can only attend if you are invited. That's because they understand the article, which states that elections are conducted openly and transparently. "

To this was added, and the head of the Grodno BPF Vadim Saranchukou:

Saranchukou"From the signature verification process we have been rejected. We were told to come to the final session of the commission — and you will be informed. No control over this process does not exist. "


Elections 2010

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