Race lasers. Our homeland is going to lead her

Race lasers.  Russia is going to lead herIn Sarov, Nizhny Novgorod region will be built powerful in the world laser. Laser unit cost of 1.75 billion compared to the height of a ten-house and will be pulled out to a length of 360 m

In addition to ranking supercomputers in the world have rated lasers giants. Our home is currently on the 3rd place — with a built in laser 2009 "femto-Ray" with a capacity of 1 a thousand terawatts. At 1.5 times ahead of him laser "Nova", owned by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory with the United States. Second place is occupied laser, built by the Institute of Physics of the Academy of China.

But, in the not to distant future, the Yankees and the Chinese have to make room. After all, Federal Nuclear Center, located in the closed nuclear town, used to be the first.

Specifically here was created by the most powerful thermonuclear "Tsar Bomb". It's been tested to over 1961 newest Earth (58 megatons of TNT). In the past year, this town has become a base for the most frisky in Russia (the twelfth in the world) supercomputer. And in 2013 here will run the most powerful laser system. Most-most? .. Well, of course! After all, it is twice surpass shtatovskih "Nova".

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