Radiation has been found infected 102 settlements in Japan

Authorities will conduct decontamination in 102 villages affected by the leak of radiation after the Chernobyl nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1". These points are located in eight prefectures. Most towns and villages from the list — 40 — are located in Fukushima Prefecture. Next is the Ibaraki Prefecture, where decontamination will take place in 20 towns. In the remaining six prefectures, some of which are located in the neighborhood of Tokyo, will be subjected to decontamination of two to 12 settlements.

Decontamination plan will be developed for each area based on the actual conditions of radiological contamination. Decontamination work will begin in January.

Earlier it was reported that the areas within a 20-kilometer zone around and behind the Japanese nuclear power plant emergency, "Fukushima-1", where the evacuated population will be divided into three zones based on the level of radiation exposure that people can get if they return to their homes .

As the broadcaster NHK, before anyone could return home residents in those areas where the exposure is less than 20 mSv per year. Communities where exposure is from 20 to 50 millisieverts a year, will receive the title "of restricted residence." In the third zone, where the return is problematic or impossible to enter towns and villages, where the exposure exceeds 50 millisieverts per year.

Recall, 16 December, Prime Minister Esihido node informed that ended the cold stop first, second and third reactors. The objectives of the second phase of elimination was stabilized below 100 degrees in the reactors, radiation reduction in the power and radiation levels at the plant. Note that the final dismantling troubled reactors, "Fukushima-1" takes 40 years.

The disaster, which was called the "Great East Japan Earthquake," on 11 March. Then on the country hit a devastating tsunami.

The list of victims of the earthquake and tsunami exceeded 15.8 thousand people. Missing numbers 4 thousand 40. Injured list contains data on 5 thousand 927 victims.

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