Real indicators of water pollution in Russia underestimated. Authorities are only superficial tests

Real indicators of water pollution in Russia underestimatedReal indicators of water pollution in Russia underestimated. This was announced by Research Center VODGEO. According to the deputy director of the center of Igor Nechaev, to assess the real level of risk should be measured three times more performance than now.

For example, the water may contain traces of hazardous drugs that current tests do not reveal

RIA Novosti quoted the following statement Nechayev: "Today, for the control of drinking water Gossanepidnadzor uses four or five variables, such as color, turbidity, odor, and taste. In general, to assess the quality of water you need two thousand indicators. In developed countries are regularly monitoring 15-20 indicators that reflect the chemical pollution of water "

Simplified systems checks allow public utilities to create the illusion of water safety

According to Nechayev, its center can not openly announce that the water is dangerous, because the few indicators that they measure is normal. However, this does not mean that you can drink the tap water. It's just that researchers do not have a real picture of danger.

Environmentalists have repeatedly stated that that liquid that citizens drink is only distantly related to the present water

In particular, on the eve of the program director of Greenpeace Russia toxic Alexei Kiselyov warned all residents of Russia, that every year in the country is running out of clean water. He noted that the main threat — it industry. It is man-made factors causing maximum damage to water resources of the country.

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