Restoration of the historical character Kolozhi — what does it mean?

Metropolitan Filaret inspected renovation project Kaloskay XII century church, the oldest in the Grodno region, and expressed support for workers' Grodnograzhdanproekt. " Meanwhile, the public disagrees with the restoration Kolozhi "antique." Half of the church was lost in the XIX century, during the Neman floods, missing wall is made of boards.

Portal Belarusian Orthodox Church reports that the Metropolitan Filaret, "spearheaded the conference on the reconstruction of the historic appearance Kaloskay church," which was held in the "Grodnagramadyanpraektse." The Secretary of the Diocese of Grodno, Volkovysk Anatoly Nenartovich confirmed:

"With regard to his visit to Grodno, then surely, the worship place in Kaloskay church, and meeting at the" Grodnagramadyanpraektse, "it's all focused on the action" Revive Kolozhu together. " It is not only power, it's all supported by: the church and the government, and the faithful, the people living not only in Grodno, Belarus, but also in ours. "

Metropolitan Filaret said that the Church "proposes to take an active part in the implementation intentions Kaloskuyu restore the church." At the city blog its support for the reconstruction project has caused debate. Chief expert of Kolozhi in Grodno — architectural historian Igor cowards. It stands for the scientific reconstruction and restoration of the temple — at the time of his abrushennya in 1853. Meanwhile the desire of the clergy in the project zakomary depicted in the style of the twelfth century, although the image of the then Kolozhi not preserved. Igor Cowards, however, believes that the visit of Filaret did not push the government immediately take up the temple.

Igor Cowards

Rabbits"Because this is a public relations project is likely — the restoration Kolozhi. PR-project related to elections. "

First, in the winter Kolozhu in any case will not touch, he says.

Rabbits"And what we have until April next year will happen, nobody knows. Moreover, even if the will "through the knee," still no money, and that is collected by the city, it is more an idea than the real deal. And in the budget absolutely no money even for such a small "shed" as Kolozha … I would do for the economy, objectively reasoned, because the production is linked not only an architectural historian. I think that it is still "fire" no. "

Igor Cowards admits that after the presidential elections, the authorities may not be up to Kolozhi:

"I'm not worried about anything yet about the fate Kolozhi until next spring, until May. Because there is no money and would not be likely. We must understand that when they start to do it in May, when the dollar is not known how much will it cost and rents go up two or three times now, politics has passed already. What is there to hell Kolozha if pensioners are not able of his pension to pay for an apartment? "

In a speech at the site of Metropolitan Filaret of the Belarusian Orthodox Church said that he did not have a goal "to give any assessment of the current project proposals," but would like to support "one of the main ideas of the project, which includes the restoration of the church Kaloskay not only as a replacement for ' object of history and culture, but also as a revival One of the most ancient spiritual and precast architectural symbols of our country. "


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