Revenge of the Pharaoh induced aura

November 5, 2011 12:03

That specially treated, charmed objects can be harmful to man and even cause his death, has been known for a long time. On the practice of primitive sorcerers and shamans, Wright says. He notes that, to this end sorcerers made and spoken to a special subject, who then threw a future victim.

After the collapse of Communism in our country has become possible to carry out a scientific study of such phenomena, the idea of existence of which could, if not lead scientist in a psychiatric hospital, but, in any case, the "take" it from the walls of the institute or laboratory. Different groups of enthusiasts have started, in particular, the study of biological fields beings. Had the opportunity to work legally psychics — especially sensitive people who can take these biofield and even generate their flow direction, using this ability to diagnose and treat various diseases. Simulated original generators (more accurate to call them batteries) biofield. Being charged psychic, such lasers may emit a long time this mysterious aura and act like a psychic hand, the charge of this generator.

Orthodox-minded scientists are protesting against the use of the term "aura". Physics are known, they say, four types of interactions — strong, weak, gravitational and electromagnetic. The sources of these fields are the elementary particles that make up all the atoms of both living and non-living objects. Therefore, there can be only biological fields. However, there is after all no objection to the term "geophysical fields," which means a series of known physical fields typical of geophysical objects. Therefore we can talk about the "biofield", referring to the combination of the physical fields, characteristic of biological objects.

Although the nature of bio (or psi-field, there are others of his name) is not yet established, in its real existence and remarkable properties, there is little doubt. In particular, it is proved true, the very thought of which ten years ago would have seemed sacrilegious to the majority of scholars: psychics are able to radiation of their hands (PASS) to change the chemical composition of various biological objects — wheat, chick embryos, samples of human blood and so on. In other words, we have the so-called transmutation of chemical elements, as, for example, sodium, potassium becomes.

Orthodox thinking of physics do not allow for the very possibility of transformation of chemical elements at normal temperatures and pressures, and believe that this can only be done in a nuclear reactor in a very strong neutron fluxes. However, the facts, as they say, are stubborn things.

"… Experiments with isolated blood of humans and animals have shown significant changes in the content of magnesium and iron. And in one case, after the effect of the operator's hand passes the blood in tubes of iron in it decreased by 30% (!) Taking into account that this chemical element is an essential component of hemoglobin, it is easy to imagine the consequences of such a phenomenon to its owner. "

Found that the effect of bio-field, generated by psychics (also called bio-field operators), can be as beneficial to living organisms, and harmful, and even fatal for them. It all depends on the willingness and attitude psychic powers (and possibly polarity) his bio, and many other parameters. In particular, we show the protective effect of a "good" bio on wheat irradiated with high doses of ionizing radiation. In these experiments, the wheat received a lethal dose of 10 thousand X-ray. But part of the grain before irradiation protected psychic (passive hand, focused on the idea of protecting the future of germs, prayer). After irradiation, the grain germinated, and those that were protected biofield psychic developed almost normally, while nearly all unprotected died and did not give germs.

Now go back to the revenge of the pharaoh. After all that hard to imagine a strong psychic-priest (or even a group of priests), who perform the ritual of the rest of the deceased ruler, charges extremely strong biofield as negative items designed to be the "time bomb" that will work in a hundred, and after a thousand years, if a thief or an archaeologist penetrate the tomb. In fact, the priests by the generator negative current bio. And one can only sympathize with the people who inadvertently got in range of the generator.

Found to be particularly well-charged objects made from organic materials — wood, bone … Is it because of the goddess — the keeper of the rest of Tut — were made of wood instead of other, more valuable material? And not because it was based on a wreath of flowers on the coffins of the Pharaohs? It was not a sentimental "last farewell" inconsolable widow, it was a carefully calculated, worked through millennia deadly cobra bite!

Experience of researchers proved that the residual aura keep and the remains of people who were living with strong psychic. It has been established that the power (mummified) saints, such as St. Sergius of Radonezh Trinity-St or Saint Nikon of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, have such a strong influence on living objects (in particular, the same wheat), which does not can achieve many modern psychics.

Receives its explanation and age difference wreath lying on the sarcophagus Sekhemkhet with birth and death dates of the pharaoh. Experiments have shown that treatment of organic materials strong biofield in some cases changing the content of radioactive elements, which leads to a distortion of the age of the sample, which is calculated by the ratio of radioisotopes.

But why is not there Sekhemkhet mummies and other ancient masters in sealed, undisturbed in ancient sarcophagi? Archaeologists are trying to explain the paradox that, in ancient times, they say, there was a ritual burial false Pharaohs Tomb-making cenotaph, that is, as a model of the future of the burial. If so, why in any ancient Egyptian text, say in the same "Book of the Dead", a detailed paint all the rituals associated with the burial of the ruler, not a word about such a ritual? Do not mention it, and the ancient Greek writers such as Herodotus, who at one time had been in Egypt and who had a detailed conversation with the priests.

Was offered the hypothesis that some ancient Egyptian sarcophagi were not just boxes to store the mummy of Pharaoh. These were complex physical devices, translators from one space-time continuum to the other, a kind of "time machine." Due to its topology and placement in special power nodes of the Earth (precomputed) sarcophagi, mummies translators by moving to another area of space and another time — what, known only to those who have built and run the translator. Truly, the best way to preserve the body of unwanted guests Pharaoh hard to imagine.

If this hypothesis would be fair, then, in principle, there is a hope of "taking out of nothing" mummy not only Sekhemkhet, but others disappeared without a trace of the ancient kings. It remains a "trifle": decipher principles of sarcophagi, compilers and run them in the opposite direction …

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