Road maps of the state and civil society are not the same

Delegates s Civil Society Forum of the "Eastern Partnership", which will be held November 18-19 in Berlin, discussing the latest developments carried out on behalf of the National Platform. The emphasis is on the "road maps", which is supposed to help work out a joint position of the Belarusian delegation to the EU program for six post-Soviet countries. We also consider the issue of cooperation with the government, who are trying to get to Berlin, together with representatives of civil society, and through their own channels.

One of the leaders of the Belarusian "third sector", Speaker of the Civil Society Forum of the "Eastern Partnership" Sergei Mackiewicz says that the contacts on the level of civil society actually remain the only platform on which Belarus is a complete and viable unit:

Sergei Mackiewicz

"It is well known that the" Eastern Partnership "in three directions. First, the possibility of cooperation on the level of intergovernmental communications. This is thematic platforms" Eastern Partnership ", where they are collected twice a year and discuss the four platforms, a guide for future projects common goal. second form — is "EuroNest." Unfortunately, it is locked in Belarus, again — because of the position of the Belarusian government. Yet a third form — where civil society organizations are involved. So this Civil Society Forum of "Eastern partnership. "This is the" know-how "of" Eastern Partnership "is the initiative that develops from below and marginally regulated by any orders from governments, from European officials."

Representatives of non-governmental organizations, state: to find common ground with the government almost never fails. In a statement, the National Platform of the "Eastern Partnership" highlights the neglect of the state measures the third sector, in particular, those DIALOGUE sites that already exist — education, human rights, environmental, and youth. According to eksperta Agency of Humanitarian Technologies Tatiana Vadalaskay, it manifests itself in disregard of relevant activities and the lack of attention to the developed documents — road maps for a number of thematic areas:

this is such a proposal, one of the replicas in the dialogue …

"Road maps are being developed — it is an idea with which the Belarusian civil society is emerging on the forum, offering a meaningful contribution in the form of" Eastern Partnership. "It is clear that we are just beginning this process, but the idea is accepted and, at least among the delegates There is enough consolidated position. As for the card, then it is likely the initiative in their design and the first steps in the dialogue — as with colleagues in civil society and other actors that are in Belarus, including the Belarusian authorities. And, of course it concerns European colleagues in the "European Partnership". Therefore, this proposal is one of the replicas in the dialogue. It is quite thought out, and, I think, prepared for today six roadmaps will talk more in detail and to understand how we can move on. "

Recently, the Steering Committee of the Civil Society Forum "Eastern Partnership" received a complaint from the Community Advisory Board of the Presidential Administration of Belarus with an expression of readiness to join the forum's activities. However, says methodology Matskevich, Council tries to work autonomously. In other words, without taking into account the work done by civil society:

Vladimir Mackiewicz

"We can only welcome the willingness of the Community Advisory Board to participate in a truly social business, civil proceedings. Clear that the government is interested to three channels of cooperation between Belarus and Europe — public, parliamentary and civic — to participate in everything. And it would be harmless to representative of the board present at the forum, but do not let it confuse status. When will it be, for example, Deputy Mackey, it can be an observer, it would be good, let see, what is really different social community of its imitation of symulyatarav this community. Therefore at the Forum, with all the formal similarities with the Community Advisory Council, the difference is just in the fact that there is a vibrant civil society is working and well-established feedback, and there — camouflage. In this context, the sculpture: like a man, but do not treat her as a living person. Or something alive, as in our case, or is it just like appearance to something. "

On the eve of the representatives of the public sector issued a statement in which he emphasized that civil society is now in extremely adverse conditions, which do not give an equal opportunity to be the subject of a dialogue with the government. The presence of criminal responsibility for activity on behalf of unregistered initiatives, the practice of arbitrary non-registration of public associations and other non-profit organizations that disregard for dialog shows the supremacy of the state in its relations with civil society. Such a situation can not be considered in accordance with European norms and principles of relations between society and the state. This requires absolute changes in order to make it possible to establish an equal dialogue.

"Eastern Partnership" — a multilateral framework for cooperation that the EU proposed to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. A year ago, took place in Brussels and the Civil Society Forum of "Eastern Partnership", in which the representatives of Belarus were elected to the Steering Committee, and one of the leaders of the Third Sector, Sergey Mackiewicz, became the official speaker. A second similar forum will be held on November 18-19 in Berlin.


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