Rock Sail — a forgotten ancient instrument


The Black Sea Sail Rock — a forgotten ancient instrument. Those who are born in the USSR and used to driving on our Black Sea coast of Krasnodar region, are well aware of this prominent from a distance from the sea cliff — its original form and unique — nothing, not even a little, or more or less like there is not only there, but throughout the Black the sea.

And yet, this "natural phenomenon", as it explains the tour guides, not only natural, but artificial, and even artificially magical origin.

According to psychics, it is — a giant ancient gnomon, accurate astronomical device, enabling a high degree of accuracy to determine the time of day by the luminaries and anticipate the various natural phenomena — eclipses, comets arrivals, indicate the exact time of the summer and winter solstice and the vernal equinox year, the approach of time Space disasters large and very precise instrument capable specify the time for the sun to within half a minute, and now there is on Earth, but it is much more recent origin. The same gnomon — the central sundial honor — has to be at least five thousand years, and is comparable in age with built next to the coast, the dolmens.

Even now, at this advanced age, he has a smooth, vertical bladed side facing the beach and the beautiful, graceful outline, resembling a giant butterfly wings. The stone was recovered from the array and is cut from walking upright seam sedimentary rocks, intermittent in these parts with a soft white calcareous marl. (In other places it was impossible — or seams run horizontally or at an angle — toward the Betta, or — vertically, but are composed of soft marl — towards Divnomorskoe).

After removal of excess soil, rock recorded special powers from falling, the same as the menhirs keep thousands of years, and even in the seemingly unstable position of stones, do not let them fall. Square window that was once perfectly flat, very accurately set the stars in the sky, using a semi-circle stationed beyond the gnomon, stones with small holes — like now found in Mexico, and are made at about the same time. (Unfortunately, the stones over the past millennium has not been preserved due to the storms and the use of their tribes who came later, did not know the purpose of this astronomical instrument).

The exact time was also used for the ancient knowledge of the time with the dolmens and the opening and closing portals to other worlds, because they knew and saw that the planet — live, and her breathing, opening and closing the pores of the earth, controls the lives of all living beings on it, including including nonprotein. Perhaps in the future, these watches are restored and still serve the people for their good.

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