Rodushko. Accordion tale


Bored again in heaven Rodushko parlor,

Sirin bird does not sing more ominous …

"Let's go out in a purely Polyushko, singing hermit,

We'll see how things are there Russian Rod lives! "

Standing on a narrow trail, a stranger pretended

And he went on quietly Mother Earth —

Above Ground Russian Milky Way stretches,

Shining eyes-stars, glimmer in the darkness.

Zvezdushki heavenly — Ancestral Soul glorious,

Watch in amazement with heavenly heights

The affairs of miraculous, as the Lord their main

With a joyful humility on earth is coming.

Looks at the progenitors storonushkam kindly

Slezonki warm hand wipes:

"Oh, my Alenka, Russ my beautiful

White Birch, willow rest!

Beautiful garden of Eden, Iria heavenly

Thy rivers clean, free field.

Aromas of May, spicy, woody,

The bright, radiant, Russian Land! "

Quiet walks Rodushko,

Looks into the hut spravno,

Wakes brave Rusich, knights, kings,

"Come on little will, the army of Orthodox,

To protect the rights of his country! "

Tends to matter, knowing the proportion of women,

Herbal honey-sweeps in the Upper Room,

And from the heavens descends to him glimpses of universality,

Zorenki rosy cheeks for puts.

Cradle unsteady swaying Rodushko,

Like a kind grandfather affection looking into them,

With a gentle smile, patting the little head

Sleeping small detushek — his great-granddaughter.

In the haze of sleep pearl boundless field,

Sleeping forest primeval, Rechenka silent.

Only virgin wise — gentle bird Sirin —

Melodious song has got into the night.

Night fell over the endless expanse of the Russian land,

Spun loose stellar dance,

Light, gentle stranger

Path of walking on a narrow grass unmown

The lord ROD …

(By Marina Volkova, artist Nona Kukel)

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