Ronald Pofalla traveling to Minsk after Guido Westerwelle

At Minsk International Education Center offers the Belarusian-German meeting "Minsk Forum" on "Belarus and the EU after the Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities in the fields of politics, economy and society." On this occasion, visit Minsk head office of the Federal Chancellor of Germany, the Federal Minister Special Assignments Ronald Pofalla.

After the foreign ministers of Poland and Germany Radoslaw Sikorski and Guido Westerwelle arrives in Minsk is one of the most important German government ministers Ronald Pofalla. He intends to meet with representatives of the opposition, civil society and potential presidential candidates. German Chancellor Angela Merkel approved this visit by Mr. Pofalla and participating in "Minsk Forum".

Minister-Counsellor of the German Embassy Peter Dettmar said:

"We hope that the visits of the two ministers will contribute not only to the new progress in the relations between Germany and Belarus, but also in its relations with the EU. We, the representatives of the embassy, with the hope of seeing the situation and wait for the negotiations and the presence of the two ministers will lead to positive results for both sides. "

Chairman of the "Minsk Forum" Dr. Rainer Lindner noted that "the Minsk Forum", which was held for the 13th time, it is This year, a good opportunity before the presidential election, "to discuss the tense issues of political, economic and social nature." Including the relations between Belarus and the European Union and Russia. According to Lindner, co united Europe with Belarus will depend on the holding of free and democratic elections:

Please Do NOT link to Brussels election results and the issue of visas …

"We also discuss the issue of the visa regime and is expected to simplify the revision of this regime. And the request to Brussels not to link the results of the elections and the issue of visas. Indeed, simplification of visa regime — it is for the population of Belarus, for any individual in this country. Indeed, in the way that the elections, voters are not to blame. "

The head of the Minsk Forum Rainer Lindner demonstrates dictionary

One of the events, "Minsk Forum" will be the presentation of the Belarusian-German dictionary to 70,000 words and phrases that came circulation thousand copies. Lindner said he would try to obtain confirmation of the Ministry of Education of Belarus, which the dictionary will use in educational institutions. One of the authors Lavon Barshcheuski reported that the work on the dictionary began in 1992 and the last time he was complemented by modern economic vocabulary. Dictionary published by the German side:

Unfortunately, the Belarusian government is not interested in these things …

"This is a basic dictionary. Any subsequent re-release can be further developed, correct. But already have a base of the Belarusian-German dictionary, which will be used for many years and serve. Unfortunately, the Belarusian government is not interested in these things. And no contribution she did not do."

On the cover of the dictionary are two flags: German and Belarusian national — white-red-white.


Minsk Forum Pofalla, Lindner

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