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genocideWorld gang of parasites use today are so sophisticated methods of genocide ruses that they can not immediately identify. However, this does not diminish their effectiveness and totality. Kill all who live in Russia …

Russian car genocide: looking technologist

The following is a view of the famous economist, adviser to several governments of Armenia Vazgen Avagyan on such a pressing issue, as Russian genocide, which began, according to some Russian researchers, put the February revolution of 1917 in Russia. Prepared by our political correspondent from Ufa Alexander arrows.

How to break the car genocide Russian? My answer is that you first need to understand it, to understand its mechanism. We need to realize that it is in modern life is killing Russian (as well as "persons treated as Russian" — Serbs, Belarusians, Armenians, and others), as a people, and as people in modern life, and only then will be able to eliminate it from State practice.

Genocide machine very often and so many uses "blindly". Here, for example, the genocide of the Russian boys in the army: the mechanism is simple and elegant. The government pretends to be fighting against bullying. Each colonel, whose regiment is the fact that bullying, harsh — until dismissal — Kara. What does it lead to the practice? Colonels gloss over any instances of bullying by any way possible. If the state, instead of punishing the Colonels for the facts of hazing would be punished them for concealing the facts of bullying — bullying from a few days there would be no trace. This is an example of how technology is hidden, "white" genocide: by type of struggle with the phenomenon, in fact — its inflation and encourage …

Armenia Genocide Studies is at a fairly big way, and on Russian genocide I consulted with many competent specialists. At first, their discordant opinions surprised me. No one denies the fact of holding against the Russian "white genocide", but the nature, the car, the technology of genocide described in very different ways.

Then I realized that we are dealing with a complex machine that combines all the possible forms of genocide. On Russian hit not a separate species or type of genocide, and a whole set of genocides, woven into a network.

I will explain. There is a form of genocide, as a direct physical murder — a knife, stick, bullet, bomb, fire, etc. This genocide is called the physical — that is, technology based on the laws of physics. A genocide against the Russian applied and applied, but only where this can be done in relative safety for the killers. Let me remind you of Baku in 1990, where the Russian cut no less than genocide, as criminally silent media. I recall that in Georgia of 30 Russian villages remains today only 5.

Absolutely textbook — Massacre in Chechnya with the Russian cannibal Dudayev, in general situation in the North Caucasus, where the murders of Russian families practiced for many years. Related to this phenomenon phenomenon — the genocide of Serbs and Armenians, were produced in the same time as the genocide of Russian, some political forces and with one goal. Let me remind you also that eventually gave Kondopoga only Russian corpses, in other words, it is there that aliens cut Russian, and not vice versa, as we are trying to impress.

However, the total genocide of Russian is not reduced to extreme physical genocide. We can identify the technology of physiological and psychological genocide, which are widely used where, pardon the pun sad, there is no physical possibility to start the physical genocide.

The facts of the killing Yeltsin Russian famine and extreme poverty should be considered as the physical transition to physiological genocide. On the one hand, the death of the physical exhaustion — the murder, the other — particularly murder, using as weapons physiology.

Physiological genocide does not include pure famine. It is thinner, on the one hand — more humane, the other — more dangerous and insidious physical genocide. Physiological genocide used today against the bulk of Russian and similar categories of citizens — is to satisfy basic necessities, combined with the accumulation of long-term failure of subjects needed. It scientifically. Like human beings it is: do not give a die, and live not give. Yes, this is not the Holodomor in the Yeltsin sense, but it is "pechalemor" gradual extinction of the vital forces of the Russian people in extreme physiological narrow, crippled familiar and desperate poverty of life.

Economic background

The main rule of work and earnings — line voltage labor intensity later consumption. Consumption should be consistent with both man-labor, and for other performance criteria of labor — skilled, bit rate, and so the uniqueness of dissection between the intensity of labor and consumption, voluntarism as a destination in the volume of work (for example, 12 hours instead of 8) and in the area of remuneration (in accordance with the arbitrariness of the authorities) — is an economic instrument of genocide. The difference in pay for the same work, the gap payment subordination, certain uniform grids (when payment authorities an opportunity to grow out, and except for a slave) — as there is an economic instrument of genocide. Disengage labor intensity of the earnings not only generates a catastrophic loss of productivity, but also creates an intolerable moral and psychological climate in the team — in particular, in the collective, called the state.

Facts wages, pensions and benefits that are below the official poverty line — is a fact of physical killing Russian. Distortion of the facts in the calculation of cost of living, an extreme understatement of its performance — is a physiological fact of killing the nation. You see, the human needs are divided into short, medium and long term. A person can live without water for much longer than without air, without food — longer than without water, new clothes — much longer without food than without their own home — even longer than that without new clothes.

But this does not mean that the clothing and shelter are not objects indispensable for the survival of man. If someone, providing human air, say — say, now I am calm, he has something to breathe, and without food and water would kill how many — we rightly call it murder. What we call the person who, equipping people with air, water, and crappy food, will tell you that this man, and pretty, and have nothing to wear it there, he built a house, etc.?

Physiological survival is not life. Physiological survival is short — notice any! — Short-term to overcome death. A person must be given not only to physiological survival tools, but also some simple human pleasures, it must be able not only to maximum-necessary expenses, but also some of the costs, wrongly recorded in the category of luxury.

Otherwise — "pechalemor" — slowly and painfully dying in a bowl of soup, which — admit — maybe even full to the brim. People in extreme, extreme sadness does not die from hunger, and from even well-fed, but hopelessness, lack of faith in what will be a way out for the best. Twenty years without the right to believe in a better future — too long, so as not to sink to "pechalemoru" …

Physiological pressure on the Russian people today is enormous. For example, is your own home a necessity? Given the Russian climate — certainly. Does this mean that the mortgage payments to be made in the cost of living? Apparently, yes. But imagine how big will the cost of living, if they make there! It turns out that most of us — just below — not even poverty — poverty!

Even if people do not understand — they subconsciously feel. Physiological pressure, long-term impairment of the normal, ordinary human needs turn into genocide of the Russian car into decline and even forced to commit suicide, and also prevents the normal breeding, reproduction of the nation.

As organized genocide physiological Russian?

He has customers and have performers. Chronic poverty ordered world behind the scenes, and performs a set rossiyanskih superiors. At the level of the printing press organized by the extreme lack of money for proper circulation in the country. The money supply is not tied to a set of manufactured goods, and to the "currency corridor". She starved to meet the needs of the country.

Imagine the situation: if a catastrophic shortage of water to irrigate the fields, which will be the harvest? But even that water is released for irrigation (even the money that still released into circulation), almost entirely goes to the land of the powerful. To distant sites does not reach ordinary Russian by irrigation ditches almost anything …

The principle of equalization of income — a normal practice of the most developed capitalist countries. They richest 10% have incomes only 4-6 times higher than the poorest 10%. Why? Yes, because without rules revenue equalization in unlimited combat leveling the bosses are tempted to pick up all the money, and the subordinate does not give anything. When the power of the chief gives unlimited enrichment, it automatically (even if she and the chief do not think about) includes physiological mechanism of genocide subordinates. Appetite comes with eating — the French say, and they know a lot about food. Taking advantage of its ability to distribute, people will permanently increase its share and as permanently reduce the share of their subordinates.

Actually, the practice of the Russian Federation has proved it at 100%, the growing gap between rich and poor is the same tool physiological Russian genocide, as under-the country's needs in the money supply.

Twenty years of pressure on the physiological needs, formed in Russian consumer environment extreme neurosis, hysterical state of mind, money (which never have enough for essentials) have become an obsession of the people. People have lost the capacity for contemplation, curiosity, aesthetic pleasure, has lost the need for all the pleasures which are not expressed in monetary terms.

Naturally, the machine Russian genocide is not a purely physiological and psycho-physiological nature, in which the elements of mental genocide reinforce and catalyze physiological genocide, and vice versa. Twenty-year pathology maimed, mutilated in the consumer the meaning of life is accompanied by a disorder of the media and information sector. An important element of genocide is absolute madness of the flow of information that comes out of the TV as well as from most of the print media.

If physiological pressure on the Russian people (by extreme understatement of his income) is "forced to commit suicide" (we are not going to kill you, so plagued that he will be hanged), the psycho-informational pressure today — is "forced to insanity."

First, the virtual world for the Russian people rather real, because it is waiting for real so gray and dreary hopelessness that seems to good to escape from there anywhere. But the virtual world of the Russian Federation — is not "corrected reality" that could help to overcome the imperfections of reality. The virtual world of the Russian Federation — is surreal, is an inflammation of nonsense very sick minds, it is a collective work of psychopaths.

So it turns out the fusion of two processes: physiological disadvantaged in a Russian strengthens it psychopathic sentiment that finds its echo (and gain) in the Russian media, and found — themselves already sustain the increasing physiological infringement.

An important feature of Russian genocide is that the overwhelming majority of the immediate perpetrators of genocide does not know and has no idea about his role. Corrupt or fraud, which the government basically does not suppress, do not ask — why? They are good and all. That their unsuppressed, reward impunity is part of the plan of genocide — they will not say even under torture, cause you do not know the plan.

Psycho, which released on TV, does not know — why and why he selected and released. Consequently, the information leakage from it can not be — he knows nothing of the general plan of genocide, he only sells its pathological personality on TV …

Thus, the genocide of the Russian machine has three working blade. The first — a murder Russian. Second — is bringing Russian to suicide (and the rejection of childbirth) through the creation of long-term, intolerable living conditions. Third — bringing Russian provocation to commit suicide after they madness, because the end point of any psychopathology — this is suicide.

Working blade genocide have visibility autonomous processes and secured through mnogokolenchatogo actuator that separates the blade from the engine of genocide. In political science, this is called "strategy of indirect approach" — ie art so Sidorova push to eventually dropped Petrov.

In the process of murder, incitement to suicide and crazed widely used spiritual terror against the Russian — ie blasphemous mockery and a nationwide demonstration denial of all that was for centuries the soul of the people, its century of experience and choice.

How to break the car genocide? It is not hard to do this, bearing in mind the features of its design.

First, it is military force an immediate response to every attempt to kill a Russian for the fact that he was Russian.

Second, every Russian must be guaranteed the right to life, which included the satisfaction of physiological needs — the state must print the right amount of money and ensure their equitable distribution.

Third, you need a qualified mental censorship, which will wash away a heavy haze of madness in the media and the flow of information, we need clear and precise ideology of the regime, which will screen out of compliance and non-compliance in the information space itself.

Curiously, the author Armenian — Vazgen Avakian.


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