Russia pulls Belarus in the Northern Dimension

Russia expects to make a decision on granting observer status to Belarus within the framework of the EU program "Northern Dimension". This was stated by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on November 2 at the ministerial meeting of the project participants in Oslo, RIA Novosti reported.

Such a step would be formally confirmed by the "de-facto high level of involvement in Minsk to practical cooperation in the framework of the" Measurements ", Lavrov added.

EU Partnership "Northern Dimension" was founded in 1997 on the initiative of Finland. Its members — Germany, Denmark, Islyandyya, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Russia. The initiative aims to promote cross-border cooperation among the member states, is designed to overcome specific challenges of regional development in Northern Europe.

Belarus is not included in the program, but a partner to develop its separate ways. In November 2009and the country became a full member of the partnerships "Northern Dimension" Transport and lyagistytsy.


Lavrov, "Northern Dimension"

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