Russian alphabet — Geokristallom relationship with our planet

At present, the existing and outdated scripts very much. Therefore, the presence of direct communication EI field of the planet with all of humanity is unlikely. And to any particular alphabet could be the means of such an exchange, it must be something of a linguistic model, at least the surface of the planet cage. Displayed both numerically and in the identity of the structural framework.
And, it turns out, there is one such alphabet, modeled by nature by now! Which repeats and numerical and structural side of the earth is not just a skeleton … and most Geokristalla.


In order to ease understanding of this fact at first will compare the structure of our alphabet with the structure of the surface of the planet cage.
Each circumpolar world's top icosahedron at latitude 26.57 degrees north and south of the equator and 5 are similar vertices of the polygon.
In the Russian language, they correspond to a group of "hard" vowels (a, o, u, y, e) with a hard sign "head" and a group of "soft" vowels with a soft sign) (z, y, e, and f). That is also 12 and has the same structure units.

Next. In the world's 20 peaks frame dodecahedron, or centers of triangles. They are located four zones on 5 vertices on 52.62 degrees North. and south. latitude and 10.81 degrees North. and south. latitude. In the Russian language and 20 consonants. And they are also grouped according to 5 letters in four "families":
5 "calls" — b, c, d, e, s;
5 "deaf" — n, f, k, m, s;
5 "sizzling" — x, y, h, w, w;
5 "pulsating" — f, l, m, n, p.
In such a breakdown on the group, not all may like certain linguists. However, in the light of the presented, I hope that the Russian alphabet has more right to speak for himself alone.
So, there is a complete structural coincidence the same number of core elements of the Earth frame and letters of the Russian alphabet … no 33rd letter "y." This until the "unaccounted" letter we have recently been trying to carry the consonant. However, there is no other such a letter, which would have such a wide range of functions. It is multifunctional.
First of all, as the "pole" of the letter "b" and "e", this separator. Only placed after the consonants, and "y" — after vowels. Sometimes "y" really behaves as consonants. And at times like no other, as bukvoobrazuyuschaya: her half "must" in its origin to four soft vowels — i, w, e, e
Truly, this is the only letter of the alphabet, which applies to the comparison with the center Geokristalla. And so, we must recognize that the modern Russian alphabet as a result of the evolution of the linguistic model was Geokristalla.
Among the variety of alphabets and planets were in the past (Aramaic), and there are at present (eg, Georgian), which also consisted of, or consist of 33 letters. But there the match Geokristallom and end. Structurally, they are completely different. In my opinion, the closest thing to the creation of linguistic models Geokristalla are two related Slavic alphabet: Belarusian and Ukrainian.
How do you check the "work" in the new alphabet for us as it? We must assume that if nature has created in him a similar structure itself, it is possible that the foreseen and desired to communicate the order of letters in the alphabet. That is, each letter has a numeric value, you need to communicate directly with the energy field of the planet-Informatsionnnm. Hence, the numerical value of the word is the code in the field of EI planet.
By analogy with the abbreviation of energy information (EI) field of the planet numerical value of the word will be called the energy-information words (EIS). And check our guesses based discussed in this article for the main Geokristalla, and its field of numbers. Here, now, of course, we assume these numbers codes, for which there is a corresponding EIS (en-inf. Words), is accidentally found by us in their physical image.

For example, the word for "tooth." They are 32, as well as their ID in the field of EI. A EIS "tooth" and 32 ("s" = 9, "y" = 21, "b" = 2 in total — 32).
EIS "DNA" = 32, the EIS "Kabbalah" = 32, the EIS "code" = 33, the EIS "cell" = 64.

As you can see, the words were formed not by chance, but under the influence of emotional intelligence field of the planet. This again demonstrates that the language on the basis of the modern Russian alphabet — this language Geokristalla.
The only word EIS is not compatible with the observed regularities, it is "bell" (104 instead of the expected 32). We hope someday to know why.
In this you have to stop, for all further research on this issue are not relevant to the subject of this article. However, in conclusion, demonstrate how far we can go in exploring the many issues, based on the EIS.
EIS "edge" = 60. The surface of the planet does skeleton consists of 60 ribs. The question is, from what rib created Eve?
EIS "hell" = 6. There are six pairs of "evil" axis of the planet, penetrating through the Earth and pass through the center of the melt and the outer core.
Cage "(EIS = 64) +" Tree of Life "(EIS = 100) =" tree of knowledge "(164).

Can go further in our studies, having considered the most prominent representatives of the EIS in our country. For example, in the history of Russia was uncertain about its future destiny moment. Its outcome was unpredictable and seemed unthinkable even just prior to the fateful decision. This final Troubles — 1613.
After the defeat of the militia of Minin and Pozharsky, the Poles "the cities were sent letters to convene a national Zemsky Sobor to choose a new king," to send to Moscow from all over the top and
reasonable people … According to some accounts it is clear that before Moscow happened several Congresses, which
case could not be elected king. Throughout Moscow imposed a three-day land a strict fast, served prayers that God repented elected to deal royal election occurred not by human machinations, but by the will of God "(quoted by N. Kostomarov).
So, apparently, is what happened. The king was elected one of whom at first and did not think. Genus which, it seemed, could not by birth and nobility to compete with others. However, by the will of God for the 300 years of the throne was given to the Romanov family.
I believe that "not by human machinations, but by the will of God," was elected to the Russian "throne"
and Vladimir Putin. And with his "coronation", one must expect to end the current "Time of Troubles". Count the number of their names: EIS "Putin" as "Romanov" is 83, that is, the "golden section" of the ruler.

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