Russian border and South Ossetia is closed due to bad weather, said the border guards

Russian border and South Ossetia is closed due to bad weather, said the border guardsSouth Ossetia's border with Russia is temporarily closed because of a snowstorm, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, a representative of the FSB border of North Ossetia.

"Orders Emergency Commission checkpoint Zaramag lower due to the blizzard snow transport is blocked, the border is closed from 12.30 MSK," — said the source.

Earlier in the MES of North Ossetia reported that 12.30 MSK Transcaucasian highway connecting South and North Ossetia, is closed because of the danger of avalanches. Areas where snow has accumulated a critical mass will be tested avalanche services. The road is closed until further notice. Last week, the passage of cars Transkama already overlaps due to adverse weather conditions.

Post some media that the South Ossetian authorities temporarily closed the border with the Russian Federation in connection with the political situation in Tskhinvali and "to prevent provocations" were not confirmed.

At the same time, a police source in North Ossetia said in an interview with RIA Novosti that in the village Buron (North Ossetia), which is in close proximity to the border of Russia and South Ossetia, there is the activity of the local police. "There's a regiment of police work quickly, its employees are actively checking the documents of all those who sent in the direction of Lower Zaramag," — he said.

The Supreme Court of South Ossetia on Tuesday dismissed the appeal on the abolition of the outcome of the presidential elections. Opposition candidate Alla Dzhioeva, recent unpublished data of the CEC, in this election wins. Disagreeing with the abolition of the vote, Dzhioeva declared himself president of South Ossetia and formed a state council, which is to "ensure the constitutional transfer of power." Her supporters from last week carried out a protest in the center of Tskhinvali, demanding to recognize the victory of their candidate. The current head of South Ossetia, Eduard Kokoity, described the situation in the republic, "Orange Revolution."

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