Russian helicopter in August will come to Serbia to fight fires

Helicopter Emergency Ministry in August will come to Serbia to fight forest fires, this month, and in September, a helicopter will perform tasks to prevent the spread of fire, according to local agency Tanjug on Wednesday, referring to the head of the office of Serbian Interior Ministry Emergency Management Predrag Maric.

According to him, Russia's helicopter will be based in the city of Nis in southern Serbia.

Serbian Interior Ministry last week announced its intention to appeal to the Russian authorities for help in fighting forest fires. Serbia does not have its own specialized aviation fire. Usually, fire fighting and the army used helicopters MIA small goods and agricultural aircraft.

Maric told reporters on Wednesday that the situation with forest fires in Serbia on Wednesday has improved because of the rains and hail.

"The rain certainly helped, he reduced the number of fires by half compared with the number for the last 5-6 days," — said the representative of the Serbian Interior Ministry. On Wednesday, July 25, forecasters predicted the temperature in different parts of the country from 16 to 31 degrees Celsius. Earlier in the republic thermometer recorded temperatures up to 40 degrees.

Aviation Emergencies Ministry in the previous years also actively helped the Serbs. In 2011, there was a wing in the Be-200 and Mi-26T. It is expected that this year will be sent to Serbia helicopter Ka-32.

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