Russian rich wait out the end of the world in the VIP-hoppers

Producers defenses premium report increased sales

Russian billionaires have been buying VIP-bins for fear of "global cataclysm". According to Bloomberg, the terrorism has played into the hands of private defense equipment manufacturers of premium, the best course of events would be only the approaching end of the world.

The average price of a tank of 400 thousand dollars, says CEO "Spetsgeoproekt" Danila Andreyev started building shelters VIP-three years ago. At the same time, he said, in the fear of terrorism to the country and there was a demand for protective structures.

In addition, recently the number of orders for bunkers increased because of the theory of the end of the world in 2012, said Andreev. "I myself do not believe in the doomsday scenario. But when you hear how your customers are saying about it, you start to think, "- says 31-year-old businessman.

The company "Spetsgeoproekt" completes 15 elite defenses, scattered throughout Russia.

The agency reports that interest in the bunkers has grown not only in Russia. American colleagues Andreev of Northwest Shelter Systems reported Bloomberg, after the Japanese disaster and the accident at the plant "Fukushima-1", the number of potential customers has increased by 60%.

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