Russians transferred to cards

Russians transferred to cardsNovember 18 the official representative of the Federal Migration Service (FMS) Konstantin Poltoranin announced the availability of the Government plans to abolish in Russian internal passports. According Poltoranin, the Russians will soon remain only passports and replace Russian identity cards come identification cards.

"Perspectives from the internal passport, as a separate document, no. We believe that the Moor has done his work, the Moor can go, "- said the representative of the Federal Migration Service, explaining the reason for future innovations. As recalled Poltoranin, the replacement of national passports on the cards with electronic media was first discussed for about 15 years — from the mid-1990s. Then the revolutionary idea was abandoned because national passports were put different stamps.

According to the representative of the FMS, in recent years has begun to change. According Poltoranina soon cease to regulatory agencies' burden duplicate passport stamps ", since it is not clear why, for example, you need a stamp of marriage, if there is a marriage certificate. "Now we can only speculate how different internal passport — whether it is a single social card or other document. But in any case the red crust thing of the past ", — said Konstantin Poltoranin.

According to Public FMS, is now considered the question of whether to have a Russian citizen ID card with a unique number. In this case, the seat of the citizen and if you want to check on the basis of inter-agency information.

Not hard to see what size the cost before the States to establish a system of identification and control. Such an event would cost the state treasury in far more money than, say, the renaming of the police in the police. Is in Russia has nowhere to go means? Is all of this is being plotted in order to save someone from a stamp in the passport of the marriage?

But … to justify the urgent need to abandon the old passports Poltoranina not happen. The only thing he could say more or less intelligible, is the fact that "we want to in-migration has been more mobile, so that people are not dependent on any stamps and bureaucratic obstacles. Russian citizen should be able to easily go from one region to another, get there social and medical support. Now he comes, officials opened the passport and asked for a permanent or temporary registration. If not, he has been denied the provision of public services. "

Poltoranin, said that "the time police officers, who are under the lamppost and caught coming out of the subway citizens to check the registration passes."

All this just can not help but surprise: the representative of one of the structures associated with the Interior Ministry, enthusiastically commented on the initiative, which is able to "make migration more mobile." But while such an approach indicates possible serious problems to his colleagues in the fight against terrorism and crime. Today in the subway ads weigh everyone fake social security cards. So in terms of the benefits of digital security ID compared to the old passport is not indisputable.

Today, the lack of proper control over migration processes commonly lead to international conflicts, and shudder to think what would happen when the last shot gateways.

It should be added that this initiative will protest by Orthodox Christians, who tend to see the introduction of electronic identifiers, personal number, as one more step toward "a tracing of the beast" described in the Apocalypse. They are convinced that the next step will be implanted chip, which will replace an electronic card (it is noteworthy that talks about it and the apologists of globalization), and many believers refuse to have the cards.

Thus, the implementation of this initiative will deliver a significant part of the country's largest religious community in the state of confrontation between the authorities and simply banish them from the social and economic life. In any case we should expect mass protests.

So why do the authorities go to this step is clearly in contradiction with the interests of the country?

The fact that such an indication of the national structures that govern globalization processes and require maximum harmonization of all aspects of life are still sovereign states.

Dmitry Orlov

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