Scientists believe Ural cradle of the Ancient Tribes

Under the settlement pawdite Sverdlovsk region were found objects, pointing to the fact that the birthplace of the ancient Slavonic tribes is the Urals. The well-known Russian traveler Vitaly Sundakova, on this site may have engendered the tribes, from which came the Russian people.

Artifacts found a group of scientists and researchers, led by Sundakovym. Search and research expedition was part of one of the stages of the "Origins of the Urals." Before an important campaign were carried out preliminary work: Read historical papers on areas studied documents, and other sources of information about the place of repetition.

Among the findings — Utensils, wood foundations huts, temple, which hosted the ceremonies of sacrifice.

As told Vitaly Sundakov, his team has already set off with the group in search of Nicholas Pauline house, but they were not very successful. The very location of the artifacts were found, but the peripheral area was investigated thoroughly and well. Also during the expedition group of travelers gathered in the treasury of the finds, which will last for two exhibitions — Pavdinskom museum in the Sverdlovsk region and Slavic Kremlin Vitaly Sundakova that in the Moscow region.

Unfortunately, as noted by participants, many of the exhibits are in poor condition and should be restored. And some and not subject to exploitation and move into the walls of museums. Among them — the Old Slavic temple.

Note Vitaly Sundakov is president of the Russian expeditions and travel, as well as the founder of the first Russian school of survival. Soon, he and the team plans to first go through the ancient historic route — Babinov road in a search and research expedition "Origins of the Urals. Babinov road. " For two centuries, it was the only route connecting the European part of Russia and Asia. According to the traveler, he's going to find one of the capitals of Tartary, which, according to historical records, was formed in the Urals. "I'll get to everything himself, and show all the world," — said Vitaly Sundakov, putting her in order to demonstrate the true history of the origin of the Urals ancient Slavic people.

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