Scientists returned to the wild island Mana rare kiwi bird

 Scientists released into the wild Mana Island (New Zealand), a rare bird species of kiwi — rovi, centuries after its disappearance from the island, according to the environmental department of New Zealand (DOC).

Once the number of birds in the Red rovi (Apteryx rowi), found only in New Zealand, in 2007, dropped to 200 individuals, ornithologists New Zealand conservation organization BNZ Operation Nest Egg launched a campaign to preserve the species. In this framework, the forest Okarita in the South Island — the only place in New Zealand, where the preserved rovi specialists seized 20 eggs, and when the chicks hatched and were old enough to prepare them to move to the island of Mana.

"Twenty young birds from the order rovi kiviobraznyh be settled on the island of Mana, which is located near the south-west coast of New Zealand's North Island, and become the progenitors of a new colony of these birds," — said in a statement.

It clarifies the agency, on the island of Mana no predators, such as stoats and cats, which can threaten the survival of their young.

"By sending a young population to the north on the island free of predators Mans, we allow the unhindered growth of these rare birds," — said the expert BNZ Operation Nest Egg Ian Graham (Iain Graham), whose words are reported.

According to scientists, proliferation rovi in ideal conditions Mana Island will get a lot of chicks, so to replenish the population of Okarito Forest.

According to the Department, currently lives in the forest Okarito birds rovi 400 individuals, but to create a sustainable population it should be increased to 600 individuals.

Weight kiwi rovi is from 1.4 to 4 pounds. They hunt at night on insects, mollusks and earthworms. Kiwis reach adult size by the age of 4-5years, with live birds and 80. All kinds kiviobraznyh found only in New Zealand.

According to the DOC, to the preservation and restoration of kiwifruit in 2003 spent about $ 6 million.

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