Secure Power for the Russian island

R.V.S — engineering company to implement complex projects to improve energy infrastructure, and ZAO "Russian Corporation of communication" (RKSS), a trusted manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, implemented a project to create a comprehensive automated security management system (Kasubi) substation 220 kV " Russian "branch of JSC" FGC UES "- MES East, located on the island of Vladivostok.

As a result, capable of being integrated clock remote monitoring of the power facility, as well as the actions of dispatching and operational staff. Kasubi system helps prevent and react to the occurrence of abnormal situations, increasing the reliability of electricity supply Russian island, including the Far Eastern Federal University.

"Deploying Kasubi in the area of responsibility of our company, in particular, on the 220 kV substation Russian, not only in improving security facilities from terrorist threats, but also to create a quality control tool for personnel actions substations, — says Ilya Lesogor, head of the Kasubi MES East. — This information is used to aid decision-making for the maintenance of the reliability of power supply to consumers. "

Thanks Kasubi MES East experts can remotely monitor the security of SS 220 kV "Russian" send alarm messages from the security object in the main control center (NCO) Kasubi and the regional control center (RTSU) Kasubi MEAs. In addition, an integrated security system provides messaging and video from surveillance cameras from the substation to users located outside the territory of the monitoring object (NCO users Kasubi and Kasubi RTSU). Kasubi integrates existing subsystems substation security and technological surveillance, security, fire and alarm systems, access control systems.

Federal Grid Company — one of the key customers "of the Russian Corporation of communication." In 2010 RKSS launched a project to create a comprehensive automated security management system (Kasubi), situational and Analysis Center (CAC), and the mobile situation-Analytical Center (MSATS) operating at the power of JSC "FGC UES". Projects on creation of Kasubi, SATs, MSATS are conducted in the framework of the cooperation of the State Corporation "Russian Technologies" and OAO "UES FGC" in the development, manufacture and supply of modern high-tech equipment and systems for the Unified National Electric Grid (UNEG).

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