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The worse a man grows a beard, the less likely it bald.

The armed forces of Iceland consist of only 210 people.

Scientists still do not really know why people need sleep. Dr. William Dement, who for nearly 50 years has been associated with sleep problems, said: "As far as we know, a man needs sleep just because he wants to sleep."

If one container is packed too pistachios, they will self-heating, and eventually may even break.

In Scotland, the archaeologists discovered the well-preserved village, which is older than the Egyptian pyramids.

The shortest shuttle flight takes about two minutes — it delivers a Scottish school children.

The first shots of the James Bond movies were filmed really a 38-caliber gun.

In the microwave ovens using the same frequency of electromagnetic waves that your home Wi-Fi.

The word "hello" or "hello" appeared only in the 19th century and became popular because it may be easier to be heard in the first phones.

According to Mongolian tradition of the family after his father's death his entire estate goes to the youngest son.



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