Sergey Ryzhov fired

Sergey Ryzhov, who declined to run for president on the grounds that, under the pressure of the immediate direction of his initiative group was unable to collect 100,000 signatures, today received an order for dismissal.

Mr Ryzhov allegedly fired for absenteeism. He told that today horticultural plant management "Novka," where he worked as the head of foreign economic relations, first advised him to write a statement on voluntary redundancy. When he refused, a warrant was issued for dismissal.

According to Sergey Ryzhov, the reason for dismissal is far-fetched: the company's administration has accused him that he "skipped" three o'clock working hours on October 4.

On that day, in the morning, according to Ryzhov, he called home GP as bad felt. However, sick leave was not given — the doctor asked him to come in the evening for a commission to the clinic. Up to 12 hours Sergey Ryzhov went to court, where the case was tried on the non-inclusion of the election commission of human rights defender Paul Levinau. At the time, a potential candidate for the presidency was one of those who recommended Mr. Levinau, and therefore must be the trial as a witness.

After the trial, Sergey Ryzhov went to the clinic and underwent a medical examination. A certificate from the clinic and the subpoena, he presented to management in a legal way, but the three hours — from doctor's visit prior to the trial — he counted as truancy.

Ex-candidate for president said that the threat of a possible dismissal heard from the director of the plant with the same time as it became aware of his intention to run. He also says that under pressure from the government now had to leave and head of the initiative group Danil Gittsovich — he worked as a specialist sector of foreign trade at the same plant "Novka."

According to Sergey Ryzhov, offer to resign and get another fan of his, Paul Mastykin, which has been supporting the site of the enterprise "Novka." Administration of the plant threatens the guy with criminal prosecution for what he allegedly distributed on the Internet information about the participation of Mr. Ryzhov in the election campaign and the persecution of members of his former group initiative.

Sergey Ryzhov seek legal assistance from the Vitebsk human rights activist Paul Levinau. The pressure on his fellow Ryzhov considers a violation of their constitutional rights, and the fact that it broke a contract of employment, is going to challenge in court.



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