SFE Rostov region imposed restrictions on visiting forests

The Forestry Department of the Rostov region imposed restrictions on visiting the region's forests because of the increased fire risk, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, the representative office.

Restriction is introduced on Friday and will run until August 9.

"The entire region is introduced limiting citizens' stay in the woods and enter their vehicles, as well as for all types of work, except for work related to the protection of forests from fires," — said the source.

According to him, the heads of municipalities were also encouraged to enter the appropriate restrictions in the areas adjacent to the lands of the forest fund.

"We disseminate information through the media. Also at the entrance of the forest will face prohibitive barriers to information signs to limit the stay. Forests also will patrol officers forestry. Highly available forest fire teams, organized additional duty in the places alleged occurrence of forest fires" — he added agency.

Dry, hot weather in the Rostov region is more than a month. The air temperature in some areas reaches 35 plus degrees and above.

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