Shotgun (shotgun) Boar-12

Shotguns gun (Shotgun) Boar-12 yavlyatesya relatively recent development of the plant "Hammer" (Vyatskie Glade) and were created as a direct competitor enjoying great popularity in Russia series rifles Saiga 12C / Saiga 12K. The main purpose of the new guns — sport (practical shooting by the rules of IPSC), the protection and security activities at home. In addition, Wild boar-12 is a good tool support for the police and other security agencies.

In the base gun Wild boar-12 put time-tested design machine gun Kalashnikov RPK (also produced at the plant's Hammer), but its design takes into account the wishes of the shooters, athletes, and in the design of guns are additional elements that make an appeal to him more comfortable — two fuse, mine store, slide catch, etc. At the current time series rifles Boar-12 is available in 3 versions, which differ longish barrel — in the base version of the trunk of the smallest, in the embodiments 01 and 02 perform a longish stems.

Shotguns Wild boar-12, inherited the general assembly and the device state machine (machine gun) Kalashnikov, a venting mechanism and rotating bolt. Naturally, the slide group and the receiver have been redesigned with the use of game cartridges, a trigger mechanism has lost self-timer, gas operated, self-adjusting mechanism and allows to shoot bullets as the sleeve 70mm and 76mm (Magnum) without additional adjustments. Sights are the type of Kalashnikov assault rifle with fully adjustable front sight and installed on the gas chamber. Receiver cover is not detachable, and flips up and down, the type of the AKS-74U. In addition to the lid of the receiver made rail-type Picatinny rail, allowing spirited and comfortable setting various other sights on the respective mounts. Stock is made from plastic-row magazine capacity of 8 rounds, the design tools introduced slide catch locking the gate in the open position by using up all the rounds in the magazine (to speed up the recharging). Iron Butt, skeletal structure, folding side. Outside the butt is covered with plastic to increase the comfort of shooting in the cold or heat. On the fore-end and a gas chamber made extra guide type Picatinny rail for mounting laser sights, tactical lights or other accessories.

Fuse device generally similar to that of the machine Kalashnikov, but has additional leverage on the right and the left, make an appeal to a non-dangerous weapon and comfortable. For a basic version with a short barrel, produced for the Russian market, introduced additional safety mechanism that blocks the firing when the stock is folded (in accordance with the requirements of the Law on Arms of the Russian Federation)

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