Siberian taiga is not threatened with death by fire, says scientist

Siberian taiga is not threatened with death by fire, natural fires occur here throughout history, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, chief researcher at the Institute of Forest. VN Sukachev Siberian Branch Eric Valendik.

Settled in Siberia dry and hot weather led to numerous forest fires. According to FFA, from the beginning, the number of forest fires in the Krasnoyarsk region and its area doubled from the previous year: by now burned 197.8 thousand hectares of forest. The total area affected by the fire in the forests of Siberia is 652.8 thousand hectares.

"Siberian forests were born in the fire. Fires were here at all times. Since ancient times there were burning due to thunderstorms. Taiga in 1915 burned from Irkutsk to Tyumen. Dropping Tunguska forest burned over a large area. Now Evenkia is extensive pine taiga . Sahara Desert in Siberia will not "- said Valendik.

The scientist noted that tree species have different perceptions fire conditions. Pine and larch are more stable than coniferous species (spruce, fir).

"In the forest there is a constant renewal. After the fires burned on the spot always rises young," — said Valendik.

In place of the dead pine trees grow birch and aspen in the undergrowth which once again begin to grow pine, spruce and fir. It takes a change of generations and in 80-90 years or light coniferous dark coniferous taiga again stands on the site of past fires.

According to him, the careless use of fire is a major cause of fires in the forest, burning forests and because of thunderstorms. Especially during the heat and drought. However, dry, dry weather is not set in Siberia for long periods.

"You can not have a row of five — seven years of drought. Seventies of the last century in the Tomsk region was drought for two years, in the Krasnoyarsk Territory was a time — three years. Now a severe drought was in 2011. Especially in central raonah Angara" — said the scientist.

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