Sikorski: Democracy for money? — Mackay: No!

Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski in an interview with the third program of the Polish radio on his return from Minsk found that "President Lukashenko — a difficult partner for negotiations, but Belarus — is a neighbor of Poland, home to ten million Europeans, including the Polish minority. We must talk to him and tell him sometimes hard and heavy things. "

Sikorski confirmed that Belarus can join the Economic and Financial EU programs worth about 3 billion euros if hold free elections. Thanks to the similar appeal against Moldova, she began to move in the direction of democracy and in the years to receive economic aid package worth about 2 billion euros.

Sikorski said that a condition to Minsk took advantage of the benefits of economic cooperation with European Union, is the democratization of life. He admitted at the same time that the opponents of Lukashenko in the presidential election do not have equal access to the media and the opposition is not sufficiently represented in the Election Commissions.

Sikorski's argument about 3 billion euros today commented the head of Lukashenka's administration Vladimir Mackay:

"Billions for the sake billion investment for the sake of investment are not required. If the money will furnish political conditions, then we do not need. "


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