Slovenias only nuclear power plant automatically shut down due to power failure

Reactor in Slovenia temporarily silencedReactor accident drowned after power lines.

In Slovenia, the only shut down the reactor in the nuclear power plant "Krško".

Senior representatives of the station made it clear that nuclear power was the cause of cardiac failure in the power line that supplies part of the energy produced by nuclear power plants in Croatia.

After a sharp decline in the load station safety systems worked and automatically stopped work accident.

As chairman of the management board said Stan Rozhman station, its stop there was "not because of internal and external reasons for."

According to a plant PR-Ida Novak Erele, to stop the reactor was immediately informed of the Republican Nuclear Safety. "Our experts monitor the situation at the plant, — the director of the Office of Andrew Stritar. — Dangerous for the environment, it is not. "

Stop in "Krško" has not caused problems for consumers of energy, according to ITAR-TASS.

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