Snake Grass — a head

Garlic, South Asian, six thousand years ago appeared in Africa: it is found in the sarcophagi with mummies and Egyptian pyramids. With him were well acquainted with the ancient Romans, they included it in their rations Legionnaires, believing that the spirit of garlic raises the morale of soldiers.

In the Middle Ages worship this plant has become a fetish — it was onion served as amulets, which supposedly can save you from all misfortunes and disasters.

Hippocrates believed garlic also excellent diuretic and expectorant. No less famous Avicenna advised to use it for all diseases. Garlic is used against all types of poisoning.

As a food and a drug was used ancient Scythians and Slavs, as is mentioned in the famous "History" by Herodotus (I century BC. Oe.). It was popular in Russia and, in one of the oldest Russian herbalists say that garlic "revered general relief medicine from poison pangs snakes, sticky and infectious diseases, especially of those of the plague …"

Ancient knights admonished with the words: "If you want to be scary, kill a black snake but put it in the left shoe, and when you go to the court or on the field of fight, put on the boots also three heads of garlic …" According to tradition, the residents of a small town in southern the plague were saved from a terrible plague, spread garlic juice!

In "Blagoprohladnom Travnik" (1616) recommend garlic to treat abscesses, internal "blockages", scurvy, dropsy, liver disease, worm, and used against snake bites, for which the garlic was in Russia nicknamed "grass snake".

Garlic and useful is in typhoid fever, dysentery, intestinal functional disorders, flu, and the juice of garlic — with alopecia and skin diseases. And now in the East ointment consisting of a mixture of different parts of garlic, honey, juice of white lilies and white wax, heated over a fire, use for cosmetic surgery, removing age spots and freckles, with callouses and warts, as well as scorpions and poisonous bites of mosquitoes .

During World War II, in the absence of sufficient antibiotics doctors also sought help to garlic …

Onion, garlic contains up to 0.4% essential oil, glycoside allicin, iodine and phytosterols, polysaccharides, vitamins A, B group, vitamin C, 7-28 ml, hormonal substances, mineral salts, organic acids, volatile. Garlic 6-7,9% protein, 20-27% of polysaccharides, some of the fat and fiber.

It is known that garlic improves the blood and prevents blood clots, has a strong disinfectant.

Squash and garlic juice are used for the treatment of septic wounds, ulcers and burns, and also used in dentistry, gynecology, otolaryngology.

Garlic contains a substance adenosine, which enhances the coronary vessels, is effective against thrombosis and strokes. Garlic lowers blood sugar levels, and has long been known as a means of boosting sexual activity. In addition, researchers noted his protivoskleroticheskim effect.

Asthmachopping two cloves of garlic, add to them a handful of leaves of garlic and simmer on low heat for 20-30 minutes. You can also rub the garlic feet and earlobes.

BronchitisYou can use the cream of crushed garlic and melted lard, which rub shoulders and chest patients.

To strengthen the hair and eliminate dandruffPrepare a paste of the lower halves of the garlic cloves. Mush to mix (one to one) with vegetable oil (for oily hair oil is not added.) Rub the mixture into the roots of the hair, do not cover the head, wait two hours, then wash off the "mask" with soap or shampoo. The procedure is repeated every seven days, the course — two to three months.

For hypertensionGarlic is used as an additional tool.
You can take one to three cloves a day, usually a doctor gives personalized recommendations.

In diabetes.Proved that garlic lowers blood sugar.
People with diabetes can include garlic in your daily diet for medical reasons, adding to the food on Zubkov day, both crude and affected by heat treatment.

For teeth.Garlic strengthens the gums, reduces inflammation and bleeding. Use of garlic reduces the risk of tooth decay. The ancient Egyptians filled the hole in the patient tooth mixture of garlic and honey to prevent abscess.

At a cold.In China, for removal of a cold three cloves of crushed garlic and attach this "poultice" bandage to the middle of your feet, if laid left nostril, then to the middle of the left foot, right — the right to the middle. When foot legs will "pinch runny nose will end.

And, of course, no woman does not complete without garlic in the kitchen, so we suggest you make.

Beans with Garlic

300 g of green pods of beans, 200 grams of garlic, 100 g of parsley, 80 g dill, salt and herbs to taste.

Prepare green bean pods, cut and boil them in salted water. Then cool and sprinkle with finely chopped garlic, parsley and dill.

Pickled garlic

To 1 kg of garlic — 600 g water, 30 g of salt, 30 grams of vinegar.

Suit developed, fresh, firm heads of garlic. Cleanse them of their husks, soak for half an hour boiling water, then rinse under running water. Put in jars, pour the pre-cooked, strained and cooled down marinade. To give a specific garlic taste and smell, to the bottom of the top banks and put dill stalks and buds.
Leave garlic to ferment for 10-14 days.
If need be refilled in less concentrated pickle jar (500 g of water, 10 grams of salt, 10 grams of vinegar).
Keep ready garlic in a cool place.

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